Changes to expect in education 10 years from now

If we put on our expert goggles and try to look through our education system over the years, we will realize how far we have traveled in a short time period. Starting from the Gurukul era to the present digital niche, education has always been at the forefront of changing systems. Where traditional educational setups emphasized a strict protocol, the modern systems focus on student interests. Classroom teaching is still the base of our teaching spectrum where students spend a substantial part of their day in schools with their teachers and peers. The constant interaction with fellow students, teachers, and staff members is an inevitable part of our Indian education system. The trend is so strongly infused in our culture that life seems nearly incomplete to us without undergoing the 12-year long classroom journey of our teaching-learning ecosystem.

Things have started to change with the recent technological developments across the world. We are fast shifting ourselves completely to the era of digitalization and online learning. The outburst of the coronavirus pandemic added to the success of e-learning platforms. These portals became the only resort for school authorities to manage classes during the lockdown. Teachers gave lectures on e-learning portals using the Internet. The online teaching-learning systems come packed with a plethora of features that aided the process significantly. 

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Every change brings a possibility of further development. The super success of online learning or distance learning has helped experts to lay the foundation for more advanced teaching-learning tools that have the potential to expand education to every child. Changes are predictable. Whatever we see in the present helps us to draw a picture of a possible future. The latest trends in education have shown a picture of predictable future trends in education. This article talks about such changes which are likely to revamp our education system for good. Have a look:

What might change in our Education System in the Next 10 Years?

  • Practical Approach over Rote-Learning

Okay!!! This is something which needs consideration from experts at the earliest. Rote-learning has become an inevitable part of our curriculum. Students try to score high grades in tests simply by memorizing the content without actually understanding it. The practice of rote learning starts at an early age and continues till we live. It is necessary to switch to practical learning as it helps students to grasp the ‘why’ in a content. They should be encouraged for ‘learning-by-doing approach so that they can develop a habit of problem-solving on their own. 

  • Skill Training Programs

Today, the Internet is flooded with short-duration programs for skill enhancement. These courses are offered by prestigious institutes and educational clusters. What makes these training programs quite effective is the fact that they are goal-oriented, student-friendly, and economical. They focus on teaching a particular skill from beginner to expert level. As they are for a short span and offer flexible timings, they can be very helpful for working people, mothers, or senior citizens. They not only provide valuable teaching content but also provide certified degrees on clearing the required tests. 

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  • Use of Technology 

In the coming years, classrooms will be transformed into smart classes where teaching will be practiced using interactive tools. Laptops will become a part of the curriculum as most of the learning will take place via an online interface. Teachers will share the PowerPoint presentations to students so that they do not have to spend time in note-making while in class. This will help students to focus more on the learning process rather than making notes in class.

  • Change in Exam Patterns

With technological development, examinations will see a major transformation in the coming 10 years span. Instead of the scary semester-end tests, teachers would test students regularly through online quizzes, group projects, and polls. More importance will be given on practical tests where students will be marked based on their performance in real-life situations. Also, online quizzes will help teachers to track the progress of students and recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Parents can easily visit the portal, see their child’s progress, and interact with the teachers.

  • Learning Self-dependence

The art of self-dependence is quite essential for living a successful life. A person who fails to rely on himself during adverse conditions can never come out of the loop and survive the competition. The education system in the future will lay stress upon a channel that will instill the art of self-dependence in students. They will feel confident about themselves while facing any challenge life throws at them. The learners will be the real doers here whereas the teachers will work as mentors guiding and motivating them to reach their goals by working hard.