Caravans can be categorized into two: touring and static caravans. Touring caravans are mobile and towed around. On the other hand, static caravans, which are today’s topic, spend most of their time in a holiday park. That is why they are also referred to as holiday parks, holiday lodges, or park homes. A static caravan is more affordable than your traditional brick-and-mortar homes but gives you most of the comfort you expect in a home.

What is static caravan insurance?

Suppose you have a static caravan that is permanently sited in a certain location, for instance, with permanent electrical wiring and plumbing. In that case, you can insure it in the same way as your primary residence. Static caravan insurance provides a cover against adverse weather conditions, accidental damage, theft, damaged contents, and cover other belongings on your static caravan.

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But why do you need static caravan insurance? Keep in mind that many holiday parks ask you to have some basic level of liability insurance, although it is not a legal regulation. But at a personal level, there are many reasons to insure your static caravan other than complying with the park’s requirements.

What does static caravan insurance cover?

Static caravan insurance covers many liabilities, including:

Storm cover

You can insure your static caravan against storm damage in case the weather gets rough. The cover also includes weather damages such as frost. Depending on the insurance company, the insurance may cover other items on your pitch boundary, including the decking, outside furniture, veranda, gates, fencing, etc. You can check the static caravan insuring company for more information on storm cover.

Contents cover

Static caravan insurance also provides cover for the contents of your caravan, including the permanent fixtures and fittings—things such as electrical appliances like TVs and cooking appliances, non-permanent furniture like lamps and ornaments, etc.

Flood cover

If your static caravan is in a flood risk area, you can insure it for flood damage. Your insurance cover may include other things such as floatation devices.

Winter protection

A static caravan insurance cover protects your caravan against any form of winter damage, for example, damage caused by freezing and frosting.

Resitting expenses

By insuring your static caravan against damage, the insurance can cover the costs of re-installing the utilities, removing any debris, and fees charged by the park.

Renting out your caravan

You can decide to rent out your static caravan whenever you are not there. Static caravan insurance may include an additional cover for hiring your caravan to protect it against malicious damage, theft, or accidental damage while on rental.

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How much is the insurance cost for a static caravan?

The cost of insuring your static caravan may depend on many aspects of your caravan, including:

  • The value of the static caravan.
  • Market value versus new for old cover.
  • Extra contents such as appliances.
  • Additional fixtures like decking and veranda.

Consider the value of your static caravan to make a better estimate of how much the insurance will cost you. The permanent fixtures, outdoor boundaries, and contents also influence the cost of the insurance cover. It is best to contact the static caravan insurance company to determine the exact insurance costs.