All About Chime Transfer Limit

The Chime neobank is one of the most reputed Digi banks. It does not offer any corporal

services but fulfills all the financial needs within your comfort. Chime works exactly like any

other traditional bank. It also provides P2P services. Hence, Chime is a combination of both a

bank and a P2P app.

Like other banks, Chime, too has transfer limits. The different modes of transactions have their

limits. The article will provide you the detailed figures of Chime Transfer Limits.

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Chime Transfer Limits

The Chime online bank has the following limits.

ATM Withdrawals

Chime financial services also facilitate ATM Withdrawals. Chime has more than 38000 ATMs all

over the nation, having a limit of $500 per day. Chime members have free access to these

ATMs. You can locate these ATMs quickly through the Chime ATM locator. However, Chime

charges a fee of $2.50 for ATMs outside the VPN and Money Pass Networks.

Card Purchases

You can make card purchases up to $2500. The Chime card purchases include ATM

Withdrawals, OTC Withdrawals, payments made through cards, and OTC withdrawals. These

payments collectively add up to $2500, i.e., the Chime Card LImit or Spending Limit.

Over-the-Counter Withdrawals

Over-the-Counter or OTC Withdrawals means releasing the money to you by rendering your

card. You can perform Chime OTC withdrawals anywhere through the Chime VisaVisa Debit

Card. Chime Over-the-Counter Withdrawals has a limit of $500. Since these transfers are done

outside the Money Pass and VPN Networks, $2.50 is charged at every withdrawal.

Cash Back at Point of Sale

Cash Back at the point of sale is also a part of Card purchases. It has a limit of $500 per day.

There is no limit to the frequency of these withdrawals. They work just like any other


Chime Spotme Limit

Chime Spotme is an optional feature. It allows its members to make debit card purchases with

no overdraft fee. But, It has eligibility criteria. Chime automatically informs you when you can

use Chime Spotme. The limit starts from $20, and you can increase it up to $100.It is essential

to receive direct deposits every 30 days to be a part of Chime Spotme.

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Chime Pay Friends Limit

Chime’s famous P2P service, also known as Chime Pay Friends too has a limit. It is an instant

transfer service, where you can send money in a click. Just add the amount and the reason for

sending. The recipient will receive the money instantly.TheThe per day limit of Chime Pay

Friends is $2000.

Reset Chime Limits

Chime restricts its members to reestablish a Chime Transfer Limit. Chime only has the power to

switch the limits. The limits change automatically depending upon the number of transactions

and the time limits. You can only increase the Chime Spotme limit up to $200. However, Chime

supports this feature only if you have an adequate record. CHime checks the minimum account

balance for the same. You should also have regular direct deposits of at least $500 every 30

days if both the conditions are fulfilled, Chime uplifts the Spotme LImit.

Final words

Chime has set separate limits for the different practices of Chime Transfers. An erudition of

Chime transfer limits will keep you away from unwanted payment errors. This way, your

transactions will be quick and well-ordered. Chime also provides another expedient feature, i.e.,

Chime Spotme. You have a chance to increase this limit.

Thus, like any other traditional bank, Chime too has criteria. You should have an account that is

up to the mark and matches Chime’s preconditions. This way, you will have access to the most

prominent services.