7 Quality Standards That Your CBD Gummies Should Pass

One of the most enjoyable and modern ways of taking CBD is through CBD gummies. They are the preferred form by beginners since they are easy to use. This is because there is no measuring or use of droppers required when dosing. Besides, gummies are highly portable, have good taste, and are discreet.

But choosing the right CBD gummies is not easy. Always ensure the gummies can pass the following quality standards.

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1. Third-Party Lab Test Report

The 3rd party testing involves manufacturers sending their samples of CBD products to an independent laboratory for quality testing. The laboratory confirms the product’s chemical characteristics and should answer the following questions:

  • Do the CBD gummies contain any impurities?

Most CBD products are obtained from organically grown hemp plants. Still, some individuals tend to fasten the growth by using pesticides and agrochemicals, which are typically hard to remove even in the cannabinoid extraction process. The third-party lab test helps to ascertain there are no impurities in your gummies that could cause serious health issues.

  • Does the packaging reflect the content of the product accurately?

For CBD-gummies products to meet consumers’ expectations, they should contain the right ingredients in the correct measurements. It should show the contents of other cannabinoids present,such as THC. 

A third-party lab test is simply an independent company vouching for the product’s quality. Without the lab report, it’s hard to verify if the product is safe. So, always buy CBD gummies with the third-party lab report indicated. 

If the report is not provided on the seller’s website, contact them for clarification. Genuine sellers will be willing to provide you all the crucial information you need. And, if they are unwilling, that’s a red flag- avoid them. 

2. Production Methods

The production method determines the quality of your CBD gummies. There are several methods that can be used for extraction, but supercritical CO2 extraction is considered the best method. This is because CO2 is one the most tunable and versatile solvent for extraction. 

Supercritical fluid extraction is a popular decaffeination method because it’s both effective and more environmentally friendly. At critical temperature and pressure, carbon dioxide exists as a supercritical fluid with characteristics of both liquid and gas. The advantage of this state is that it allows the CO2 to get to every small space, like a gas would, while still dissolving and acting as a liquid solvent. 

This process can destroy harmful bacteria and ensures a higher level of terpenes and cannabinoids in the product. The end products of this production method contain no toxic chemicals and have superior quality. 

3. Ingredients Present 

Ingredients Present

The ingredients’ used should not only be safe but in the correct amounts. The ingredients used in CBD gummies vary depending on the product’s use. The gummies should not contain artificial dyes, flavors, sweeteners,s or added sugar. Without quality ingredients, CBD efficacy and potency reduces. The lab report is the best way to verify the product’s contents. 

4. Amount of THC 

There are three main varieties of CBD that various gammies use. They include:

  • Full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD contains phytochemicals that naturally occur in the cannabis plant. It also has some traces of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a psychoactive compound that produces a high effect on users.

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  • Broad-spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD contains all the phytochemicals present in the cannabis plant, but it does not have any THC.

  • CBD-isolates

CBD isolates are the pure forms of CBD.

The recommended levels of THC levels should not exceed 0.3%. CBD gummies with more than this limit are illegal in some states.

5. Concentration of CBD per Serving

Quality CBD gummies should be indicated on the packaging and should show the total volume per package. A standard dose is about 5 milligrams per gummy. While there are no standard doses, it’s advisable to start with a low dose and increase gradually as you take note of your body’s reaction to each dose. 

6. Hemp Sources 

The quality of hemp used to produce CBD is not equal due to factors like climatic conditions and soil content. The ideal soil condition for high-quality hemp is weakly acidic soil (PH of 6) and well and deep aerated soils, with good moisture content. The plants require a humid atmosphere with a mild climate ranging between 25 and 30 inches of rainfall per year. 

Hemp from the USA is regarded as the best because of the good climatic and soil conditions that favor hemp plants for superior yields. So, always check to ensure the hemp used was obtained from a reputable source.

7. Flavor

Sunday Scaries CBD gummies come in various flavors. The best flavors are those with sweet tastes and no awful hemp after taste. However, your tastes and preferences have a big role to place when picking your flavor of choice. If not sure, you can research and check the reviews of the flavor from other buyers to make the ideal choice. 


During the purchase of CBD gummies, don’t just pick the brightly colored or the cheapest CBD gummies in the market. Use these seven tips to choose the gummies of high-quality standard for the best and experience.