6 Simple Tips to Keep Your Doggo Safe in the Kitchen.

Have you spotted your dog sniffing around stealthily in your kitchen while you were busy with some regular household chores? Then make sure he is safe while he explores a place like a kitchen that is loaded with snacks, candies, savouries, colas, leftover food on tabletops, dish wash liquids, cleaners, and a lot of other stuff on the counter. If you are not there and can’t lock such things away, having someone to watch over your doggo is necessary to keep him guarded at all times. You may think about hiring a pet sitter if need be.

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Dog parents who can’t afford to hire a pet sitter should dog-proof the kitchen and other potentially vulnerable zones so their pet friends stay happy and safe when they get busy during the day with work and other activities. Having pet insurance for dogs helps if your doggo gets into messy accidents, even if the household has a watchful eye on him. You should be able to afford excellent medical care through dog insurance in times of distressing incidents or health conditions.

Along with this backup, pet parents must work on adapting their home to make it safer for their best companion – “pet doggo”. Let your dog’s safety be your priority and accordingly dog-proof your kitchen, so even if your wagging tail pal enters the cooking area and other kitchen places, he stays shielded.

Fix child locks/latches

A curious dog in the kitchen may inspect your cabinets, so install locks to stop your furry friend from snooping through them. Then, check online to find plenty of affordable child proofing solutions and order some to install and prevent your pet’s secret cookhouse operations.

Stash away hazardous items

If your dog has cracked open dog proof locks, he still must not be able to grab a bottle of toxic cleaners. Be smart and place them on the uppermost cabinets so your doggo cannot get his paws on them. Also, it would be best if you stored sharp objects like knives and scissors safely.

Buy pet-proof trash cans

While we know there is hardly anything important lying in the trash can, the smell emanating from the trash can may entice your dog to open it and ingest its contents. Therefore, take care to place these cans in a concealed cabinet or secure them so your pet doggo can’t access them, even with his best attempt.

Provide meals in rooms unrelated to food

Help your doggo have his food in the living room, outdoors, or any other area apart from the kitchen, to reduce his association between this zone, delectable treats and sumptuous food.

Put out table scraps

Just throw away the table scraps, don’t offer them to your furry companion. You may risk your doggo’s health even if you don’t intend to do so. Don’t leave nuts, raisins, and grapes scattered on the table either; they may prove poisonous to your dog if consumed. There are plenty of foods that are unhealthy for dogs to eat, or worse.

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Keep your dog busy

While cooking dishes, baking cakes, or making desserts, give your doggo his favourite toy or a small treat and keep him busy so he doesn’t look the other way to check what you are up to in the kitchen.

Dog insurance provides you with much financial support to help your ailing dog recover from unanticipated health issues like accidental poisoning, by supporting him with the best medical help in the city. Pets are incredible yet unpredictable. So, have a pet first aid kit ready, so you don’t have to run looking for it if the need arises. By any mischance, if your doggo injures himself or falls sick due to his venturesome activities in the kitchen, don’t waste time; meet your vet immediately to remedy the situation. Your pet is covered for treatments for accidents, sickness, and other health emergencies with pet insurance for dogs.