5 Tips to Save Money Living in Dubai

Saving money in Dubai can be a difficult task sometimes. If you are dealing with this problem too, then you should follow this blog.
Wasting hundreds of dollars in a single night is considered normal in Dubai. This can be a lot of fun but can also be painful for your pocket unless you are a millionaire in Dubai.
Dubai is the city of wonders. It is crowded with wealthy people. These millionaires are often party people and there are plenty of places in Dubai where a millionaire can amuse himself. In all of this craziness, it sometimes becomes difficult to save money.
With all the bills and living expenses, you can barely meet ends. The average cost of living per month for a single person in Dubai is around $1000. This can increase depending on the kind of activities a person does.
If you are feeling that you are wasting a lot of money doing stupid things in Dubai and you need to slow down, then you should read the tips that we have given. With the help of these tips, you can save a lot of money living in Dubai. Let’s start.

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1. Choose a Cheap Place to Stay
Whether you are moving to Dubai or just going for a trip, the first thing that can save you a lot of money is choosing a place to stay. If you are on a budget then you need to research before you visit Dubai. In case you are going on a trip then you should opt for cheap hotels.
You have internet, you can narrow down hotels according to your budget. Booking a hotel online can also be a plus point. Because you get better discounts online.
If you are looking for a place to stay for a long time and you are in Dubai for work, then you need to choose a place that is not far from your workplace. You need to be closer to the place because if you get an apartment that is far away from your work, you will have to spend money on transport which will eventually cost you the same as paying more to other places.
You need to select your work location and then choose a place to live. You can do this online and save money a lot of money.

2. Stop Going to Parties
We all can relate to the situation when everyone around you is out partying and enjoying every night. Your friends are always boasting about their parties. This makes you feel left out. And what do you do next? Spending all your savings on stupid parties. You might feel good for a couple of nights but this can be very bad for your pocket.
You should stop this before you are left broke with no money in your pockets. Many people for this stupidity when they go to Dubai. They spend all their money on parties. You can go to parties but only when your income allows you to. You need to save some money before you go to parties.

3. Get Yourself an Insurance
The first way to save money in Dubai is to get insurance. Whether it is a car or yourself, you need to get insurance. This might sound like an old-school way of saving money for the bad times but it is the most effective way.
Insurance can save you a lot of money when you are in a bad situation. Especially, if you have a past health history then you should get health insurance right away. There are many trusted places where you can get yourself insured. You can even get health insurance online. Buying online health insurance in Dubai can be a lot more comfortable and convenient if you don’t have time.
Other than your health insurance, you need to get your car insured. Because cars can cost a lot of money. So if you have an expensive car then you must get car insurance as well.
You might think that these things are unnecessary but they can save you in difficult times.

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4. Use Public Transport
Another way to save money in Dubai is to use public transport. Petrol can be a little heavy for your pocket. Especially, when you are trying to save up some money to buy your favorite phone or any item. In this situation, you need to minimize your expenses. You can use Dubai’s public transport. They have the cheapest transport system. You can save a lot of money if a big part of your income goes on petrol.
You can travel by Dubai’s train system. The majority of the local people travel by train and it is crowded most of the time. So it can be a hectic process to stand in line to get your ticket. But if you want to save money you need to do some sacrifices. You might feel uncomfortable at first but after some time you will get used to it.

5. Cut Off All the Luxuries
Cutting off all the luxuries can be a difficult thing to do when you are used to them. By the word luxuries, I didn’t mean your private jet or cruise ship. This means that anything that is not a necessity. This includes all kinds of subscriptions that you have. If you are wasting money on Netflix or any other kind of service then you need to stop it.
You should minimize your spending on luxury restaurants and other stuff. All in all, you need to cut off anything that is not a necessity for you. In some cases, people might not live without Netflix. So depending on your priorities make a list and then spend money accordingly.

Dubai is considered one of the most luxurious places on earth. People from all around the globe visit Dubai. These people are entrepreneurs, millionaires, and tourists.
Living in Dubai can be very expensive if you don’t have control over yourself. So in this blog, we have given 5 tips to save money living in Dubai. You can follow them and save some bucks.