5 Tips For Successfully Proctoring Online Exams

The number of people that take online exams each year is growing. While there have been some concerns over the validity of these exams by education professionals, it appears as if the convenience provided to students outweighs the concerns about quality. It would be in a professor or school’s best interest to stay up-to-date on how to proctor exams. If you’re a professor in charge of proctoring an exam, or if you’ve ever tagged along as a proctor for your child’s test, you know that the job can be intimidating. After all, being responsible not only for keeping an eye on the students but also making sure exams are graded fairly and sent off to their respective schools is no small task.

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What is a Proctored exam?

Within the span of a few years, the Proctored exam became very popular. Due to the pandemic institutions were unable to take exams in an offline method, as students were at their home and the institutions were closed, due to this online method of exam came into force. In an online exam students can attend examinations from their home. Questions were given on any online platform and proctors were hired to keep an eye on the students. If you’re in college, your professor may assign proctoring. But what exactly is proctoring? It’s the act of overseeing a test administration. As an online student, you’ll never be assigned to proctor a test on-campus if you can’t attend in person.

Proctoring an exam involves watching students as they complete their tests on a computer connected to your institution’s network. As an online student, you’ll need to know how to proctor tests effectively and efficiently, so you can get back to studying.

How Proctored exams work?

In an online proctored, The institution uses any online software which is especially designed for this. The candidate will receive their user and password through their college and will have to login on the platform where the exam is being conducted. The login time starts from nearly 30 minutes before the exam. After logging in you will be taken to the test area. During the whole test the webcam and microphone of your device will remain open and if any unusual activity takes place then, you will receive the warning from the proctor. After receiving several warnings if you are found to be continuing the cheating practices, then your paper will be disqualified and you will automatically redirect to the home page of the software. You can not log in again once you were terminated from the test.

5 tips below acting as a guide for online proctoring:

Tip 1: 

Make sure you know exactly what they are asking : The first step is knowing exactly what they are asking you. Sometimes exams can be written in vague terms and make it difficult for professors and teachers to decide whether or not your answer is acceptable. If you are unsure of the terms from the assignment, clarify them with the professor. This will help both you and your professor to gain a more clear understanding of what needs done.

Tip 2:

Try to pose the exam questions in multiple choice or true/false : You should try to pose your exam question in multiple choice or true/false format. This will allow a computer to determine if you have provided an acceptable answer or not, which may help you receive a higher quality grade since there is evidence that shows that most online tests are graded automatically by a computer.

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Tip 3: 

Know your proctoring responsibilities and perform them accordingly : Sometimes proctors of online exams do everything from grading exams to even giving assignments themselves. It is recommended that you understand your job as a proctor and act accordingly. For instance, a proctor should be familiar with the software that is being used and be able to troubleshoot in case of technical difficulties.

Tip 4:

Make sure the students know their responsibilities : The proctor should also make sure that all students know how the exam is being given out, what the expectations are, what their responsibilities are, etc. This will ensure fairness for all parties involved and give the student a clear understanding of how to apply for an online exam.

Tip 5: 

Strive to have top quality exam proctors : You should ensure that you have a good selection of proctors for your online exam. If you do not have enough proctors, then the quality of your exams may suffer. You should also make sure that you are choosing the right people for the job; some people may not be suitable as test proctors. In other cases, they may be just as good as any other person at giving exams.

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