4 Upgrades Nonprofits Should Utilize

The advent of technology has seen business processes improve in efficiency and productivity. For nonprofits, technology has made it easy for the organizations to reach and serve as many people as they can while speeding up processes such as compliance, fundraising, community impact, direct service, and all other activities that increase productivity. 

Nonprofits often operate on tight budgets making the cost of running up-to-date technology prohibitive. However, selecting the right technology can spawn innovation, better delivery, help NPOs save money, operate effectively and improve employee and customer satisfaction, and better engagement with donors. Following are upgrades that can facilitate making a bigger impact on the people NPOs serve.

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  1. Cloud Migration

Cloud services have become so popular that various companies have realized a new series of growth points through this market. Everything from local servers to accounting and project management software is now being hosted on the cloud.

Cloud preference will continue to grow as cloud storage is considered more secure to the viewer and less prone to hackers than onsite servers. Cloud-based solutions can help nonprofits overcome infrastructural limitations and reshape workloads to accommodate day-to-day needs and control their resources.

Cloud migration allows nonprofits to take advantage of the reduced overhead costs and improve agility to help you achieve increased efficiency, customer satisfaction, and productivity.  

Cloud migration can be overwhelming. The stability concerns, costs, and security concerns can make it seem hard to accomplish it and eventually benefit from it. Implementing cloud-based solutions such as virtual voicemail for business can help you cut costs and help you access and manage voice messages anytime, anywhere. You can customize your virtual voicemail greetings and access your visual voicemail without making any phone calls.

  1. Invest in Social Media

Social media helps nonprofits tell their story. If properly utilized, social media can help you engage with your supporters, capture and retain their attention. While your organization can be present on platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, social media for nonprofits is more than just getting likes. Social media can increase awareness of your organization which adds value to your fundraising efforts. 

Your social media strategy should be incorporated with your overall marketing strategy and aligned with your goals and objectives to your target audience. Strive to create frequent posts and interactions to promote visibility and community engagement. As a nonprofit, social media offers you the opportunity to connect with your supporters and establish a dialogue to help donors feel valued and not just cash machines.

  1. Secure Digital Donations

Technology has also changed the way donors wish to receive information about opportunities to give. The young generation raised with smart devices might not be interested in sending in a check but might be compelled to donate online. As people grapple with the effects of Covid-19, nonprofits are now looking for ways to generate funds to pay for operations. With few opportunities to host fundraising galas, secure digital donations can help keep contributions coming in. 

  1. Make Videos

Videos can be a great way for nonprofits to tell their stories, show impact, and educate people about their mission. Your digital marketers can leverage video marketing to bring out your organization’s impact to life, communicate with your supporters, and increase awareness. 

To make the best out of videos, ensure that you identify your goal and what you expect out of the video you wish to create. For nonprofits, videos can increase your fundraising reach, social media followers, and website traffic. Keep your videos short and let them tell a story that creates a bond with your audience. 

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Technological Challenges Facing Non-profits

Nonprofits are always in search of cost-effective tech upgrades to face the ever-increasing need for upgraded technology, as well as the need to identify the right tech to invest in. Nonprofits rely heavily on documentation. Some still hold on to manual documentation, making it hard to access information in urgent situations. 

Some nonprofits still use obsolete technology whose associated maintenance is risky and costly. Cumbersome fundraising tools are still common with nonprofits. A poorly designed system makes it hard for you to track the flow of money. Donors and consumers are becoming more comfortable with their digital devices. Since they form a captive audience for engagement, your nonprofit must adopt proper technology and utilize compelling strategies to help achieve your fundraising and marketing goals.

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