4 Reasons Why You Need Maternity Insurance

Parents experience the most happiness in their lives when they are going through the journey of expecting their little loved one – their pregnancy. Upon realizing that they are about to welcome a little angel into their lives, parents’ happiness and excitement knows no bounds whatsoever. However, during all this excitement, parents need to keep in mind the associated risk, fears and worries that come along with a pregnancy. The different medical procedures, expenses, complications and health issues associated with being pregnant tend to put parents in a lot of physical and mental turmoil. Maternity insurance Singapore states that hence expecting parents should avail some form of maternity insurance either separately or as a part of their health insurance plan.

A maternity health insurance plan typically acts as pregnancy coverage with covers for basic expenses associated with the mother and her newly born baby. Expenses related to medical care and other facilities, delivery and prenatal and postnatal care are all included in pregnancy insurance Singapore. In addition to the above, listed below are a few reasons why expecting parents should consider opting for maternity insurance:

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  • It covers pre and post hospitalization expenses

A major chunk of expecting parents’ expenses are incurred in pre and post hospitalization charges. Most maternity insurance plans cover expenses for up to 30 days before and 60 days after the mother’s hospitalization. Most middle class couples think twice before planning a pregnancy simply because of the medical costs associated with it and hence a maternity plan could be of great help for such couples.

  • It covers pre and post natal expenses

In addition to covering the mother’s expenses, most maternity plans also cover for the child’s expenses. The child’s vaccinations, medical expenses, cost for the treatment of any illnesses, etc. all get covered under the said maternity insurance plan. Once again, this proves to be very beneficial for parents struggling financially or otherwise.

  • It provides comprehensive coverage

A good maternity insurance policy generally offers comprehensive coverage which includes maternity cover, newborn cover, expenses incurred during hospitalization, ambulance charges, expenses incurred for regular checkups, etc. Whether the mother goes through a regular delivery or a C-section delivery, under comprehensive cover both of those are covered for.

  • It offers a cashless process and no reimbursement

As opposed to paying for your treatment and then contacting your insurance provider to get reimbursed, maternity insurance features cashless transactions. In these transactions, the hospital or the maternity home on the network list of your insurance provider will contact them directly for their respective payments. Since many couples struggle with pregnancy expenses and may not be able to afford even a reimbursement scheme, maternity insurance comes very handy.

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While maternity insurance is not that popularly known, it is in fact a lifesaver for expecting couples. Couples who are planning a family are recommended to opt for maternity insurance, or ask their health insurance provider for an add-on maternity insurance. Not only would it give them the mental peace they deserve, but it would also be a great medium of support for them.