3 items you may not have considered insuring

There is so much that you can insure now, with some of those items that wouldn’t have even been insurable just a decade or two ago.

While there are lots of items that you really don’t need to insure, despite being told by insurance companies that you absolutely do, there are many items you own or parts of your life that could benefit from being insured.

There are several areas where insurance is instantly thought of, like covering your car and home, but others that you might not have considered. Take a look at the list below. 

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Your phone

This is a perfect example of an item many people own but don’t consider insuring. The idea of getting an insurance plan for your phone would have been laughable just a decade or so ago.

However, phones are now much more advanced and incredibly expensive. There aren’t many items we own that both cost a lot and are very portable. With so many chances to break when you’re out and about, why not get it covered.

While you may upgrade your phone every few years, some insurance plans will allow you to change your device at no extra cost. For something you use on a daily basis and that costs so much, it’s odd that more people don’t think about insuring it. 

Your laptop

Much like smartphones, laptops can be pricey and, even if you purchase a more affordable one, are very important for many people.

With working from home now more prevalent than ever, it’s important to have this important device protected. If you are required to provide your own laptop for work and it breaks, knowing you can get it fixed or have a replacement sent to you in no time is vital for being able to continue working.

Laptops are also lighter than ever, with devices like Lenovo 15 inch laptops fitting in a lot of everyday bags, which means they are likely to fall victim to accidents here and there.

Making sure it’s covered can be the peace of mind you need. 

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Your income

What’s more important to your livelihood than your income? While it varies depending on the country you live in and the sort of cover you are looking for, income insurance may be an option for you.

This type of insurance covers you should you be out of work for a number of reasons and allows you to continue living on some sort of income for as long as you need in many cases. 

Because it’s not something physical, many don’t consider covering it, but having a good income insurance plan in place can really be a great safety net.

There is so much available to you in the world of insurance. Though in many cases it’s not needed, there are areas that would benefit from cover that you may not have considered. Looking more into these areas and some others can be the perfect start to getting the right plan for you.