Why So Many People Invest in Precious Metals

There are countless reasons why investing your money, be it income, savings, an established IRA, or 401k, into precious metals is always considered a wise decision. The primary reason is that the value of these materials will outlast typical stock and market trends. Precious metals have become considered precious because throughout history we have found more and more ways to make use of the materials we’ve mined from the Earth.

Get to know precious metals, their uses, and their value

Strangely enough, for as valuable and versatile as gold is, science does not yet have a definitive explanation for how it is found in the crust and mantle of our planet. Theories range from asteroids leaving behind deposits, to those same deposits being formed while the Earth was still molten, and as it settled, and hardened, heavier metals sank. The debate is touched on lightly in this article about gold. Regardless of how it got here, gold is not easily extracted from the veins the ore is found in, and unless alchemists aren’t sharing their secrets, we can not yet create it ourselves without it being at a financial loss. 

Originally used as a symbol of status or wealth when civilizations were still developing, “noble” metals like gold, silver, and platinum, resist oxidization and were frequently made into jewelry, decorations, and even weapons and armor. Gold makes a particularly useful, or tricky, material for jewelry, as it tends to be rather soft when not mixed with more sturdy metals, which is how it became the choice for replacing lost teeth before dentistry advanced. Another option for strengthening gold is by only using gold for the plating of the item, which can also be more cost-effective for mass production. While science is working away on finding and deducing new alternatives for the distant future, current financial advisers and investment strategists can guide you through the process and world of rare material investing. 

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After the discovery of gold deposits in any given location, like the gold rush discussed in an article on this site: https://kids.britannica.com/students/article/gold/274588, there’s often followed a rush of those hoping to stake a claim in the wealth to be made there. Much like the California gold rush of United States history, there’s an explosive beginning, and a long tiring ending, as it is truly anyone’s guess as to how much gold there is, and where to find it all in the area. Companies who have made a successful industry of mining precious metals can attest to the time, effort, and investment there is in any given dig site, though the opportunity for bankruptcy and failure are equally high.

On the subject of odd properties, gold is a curious material, indeed. As humans tend to do, we eventually discovered how much gold was considered safely edible, and now can enjoy real gold flakes or dust on dishes offered in exclusive restaurants, even buying it online to use at home for their own creations. Gold’s unusual abilities don’t stop there, however, as the metal also offers shielding from radiation! Used in all fields of technology and science in the modern day, gold has become a crucial part of many semiconductors as well as wiring, and computer chips. Your own cellphone likely has both gold and copper in the parts that make it smart

How rare materials can offer better investment payoffs

You might be wondering how this relates to you, why you should care, and how it could possibly affect your future. Firstly, you can learn more about investing in gold here. Secondly: If you’re not invested in precious metals already, you’re losing potential growth and profit every day you wait. Because of the nature of the market for precious metals, having a carefully crafted portfolio is easy with a little advice from an expert and a bit of your time to decide who and what you want your precious metal investments made in. 

Options vary, typically you can choose from coins, bars, or bullion, usually with the assistance of a seasoned broker. With the Internal Revenue Service closely monitoring the purchase and sale of all precious metals, you can be confident your investments are safe and handled exclusively by the broker assigned to you. You need only maintain your portfolio as it grows and earns you more money to fund your retirement. 

There are plenty of options besides gold for you to invest in as well. Silver, popular in the medical field for it’s antimicrobial properties, alongside copper, palladium, and platinum, are all examples of other materials you can invest in to help diversify where your money goes. 

Platinum and palladium are useful for smart devices, and some dentistry needs, such as tooth fillings. Copper is antimicrobial like silver, and is excellent for wiring because of its conduction, it even has uses in plumbing and batteries. 

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Don’t wait to decide when you could be earning

Versatility and rarity have pushed these materials into the forefront of value to both consumers and manufacturers. There are numerous interesting facts about the properties and structure of rare metals like gold to be found at this link: 


With industries battling for resources such as jewelry, technology, and medicine, making time now to educate yourself can give you a better foundation for your future finances. Having a portfolio with basic stock investments is always wise, but putting aside funds specifically for investing in precious metals will make all the difference in your portfolio’s growth. It’s vital to make informed decisions early in your investing experience so you have proper building blocks to grow with as your money does the same. 

Plenty of companies and start-ups have excellent prospects to offer investors looking to get started, or perhaps to begin diversifying further, but none of them have the proven history of success that precious metals do. Rare materials will only become more rare, and we have yet to find replacements for these necessary metals, so getting invested at the very start should be a high priority.