Why should you use Weighed blankets to overcome anxiety?

The anxiety and worries can take your sleep away. No matter how hard you try to sleep, you can’t because the bad memories keep triggering stress. People try different things to tackle this worry and improve their sleep cycles. Some visit psychologists, whereas some use the sound machine for sleep. But have you ever tried an organic weighted blanket? If not, then do try this out. In this blog, let me tell you what weighted blankets are and how they reduce anxiety.

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What is meant by a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets are heavy blankets filled using plastic balls or glass blobs, so these are heavier than usual blankets. You can avail of weighted blankets in different sizes. Normally, a queen size weighted blanket is good for a grown-up. However, king-sized weighted blankets are more suitable for couples than queen size weighted blankets. But you can check on more sizes to get the right fit for yourself.

How thick of a weighted blanket should you use?

Producers normally suggest grown-ups use a weighted blanket that is like ten per cent of their weight the body. However, the type of filler determines the thickness. The glass beads are small compared to the plastic pellets used in the weighted blankets. In short, if you choose the weighted blanket with glass beads, it will be thinner than the weighted blanket containing plastic pellets as the filling.

In case you have issues with sleep temperature, there is an excellent range of choices. There are blankets available that utilize bamboo as a cover material for freshening. There are choices for you when you fall on the nap ease scale to weighted blankets using some additional filling for warmness.

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Are weighted blankets worthy of purchasing?

There are multiple reasons weighted blankets are worthy of giving a try. One of the significant reasons is that weighted blankets play are great role in reducing anxiety and other sleep orders. These blankets were previously seen as a cure for people who had trouble sleeping, and finally, the new research has proven that weighted blankets are an amazing option for better sleep cycles.

If you have too much anxiety, it can disrupt your daily routine and cause you to take stress all the time about everything. According to the life situation, your autonomous nervous system, which regulates causal body functions including breathing, sweating, shivering and digestion, makes your body ready for rest or stress. This is known as the fight response.

However, the weighted blankets put pressure on your autonomous nervous system, which makes your body choose the rest mode. This action ultimately decreases anxiety, which includes dealing with quick breathing or heart rate. It gives overall relaxation to the individual’s body.


Weighted blankets have become very popular after people have come to know their benefits. However, in this blog, we have given enough facts to explain how weighted blankets help us reduce anxiety. Let us know your experience with the weighted blanket and how it helped you to reduce stress in the comment box.