Why It Is A Must For Everyone To Know Basic First Aid

Knowing First Aid is important to know what measures to take in emergencies. These will vary depending on the needs of the victims or the knowledge of the rescuers who will provide the help. It is essential to know what to do and what not to do at all times and to remain calm since adrenaline can play tricks on you, and a misapplied measure can cause serious injuries. Remember that a correctly applied First Aid technique can save a person’s life. Therefore, First Aid’s purpose is to acquire basic knowledge that allows to stabilize the patient and relieve pain and anxiety until he can be treated by specialized health personnel.

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Importance Of First Aid Training In The Workplace

First aid training aids workers in learning to be more conscious of safety in the workplace. The knowledge of first aid helps in reducing the number of accidents and injuries. It minimizes risk to workers and decreases workplace incidents. Occupational health is in the hands of all workers, who must follow the rules and protocols in any type of accident. The most widely used emergency protocol or system is known as PAS, these being the initials for Protect, Warn and Help. To carry it out, it is simply necessary to implement these three actions:


It is essential that before proceeding to help a colleague, you make sure that both he and you are protected from any danger. Then, if it is safe and feasible, you can remove the danger from the injured person; otherwise, you must remove the injured person from that danger and proceed with step two.


This point is very important because first aid is designed to be performed while waiting for the health services to arrive. Therefore, in case of emergencies, you are required to notify the qualified personnel and proceed to attend to your partner.

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Thirdly, and once the previous two steps have been carried out, the moment comes when you must attend to your partner, starting by observing his vital signs such as pulse, breathing, or consciousness. Again, helping the patient who needs first aid should be a priority for those who are trained because they can save the lives of these individuals. 


Being trained in CPR and First Aid Courses in Calgary not only reduces the number of accidents but also saves lives in the workplace. It gives staff confidence to react to emergencies urgently. Knowledge of first aid makes an organization a better place to work. It gives employees a tool to prevent future accidents. It also reduces the recovery time. The employees take rapid action for injuries or emergencies. For instance, they can provide first aid before the ambulance arrives. It can not only save lives but also reduce the recovery time of the patient. Also, if the patient is an employee, he would quickly return to work. This is a win-win situation for both the business as well as the employees. Consider teaching first aid to employees too.”