Why Give Micro-Wedding a Try?

The impact of COVID-19 has caused a major shift in the way we view weddings. It has forced couples to change their wedding plans and find new ways to celebrate their love while navigating the challenges of holding an event in these unprecedented times. Since then, new options, such as virtual weddings and micro-weddings, arose. 

Before the pandemic, the average American couple spent over $30,000 on their wedding. With all the family drama and countless details involved, the emotional cost of a big wedding can be overwhelming. With restrictions on guest numbers and limited venue capacities, big traditional weddings are becoming less popular, and instead, smaller, more intimate celebrations are taking center stage. This is where the concept of micro-weddings comes in. 

Micro-weddings are a more intimate alternative, providing a relaxed and less stressful experience compared to traditional weddings. They’re friendlier than eloping, much easier to plan than a large-scale black-tie event for hundreds of guests, and a meaningful option that prioritizes the well-being of everyone involved.

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What Is a Micro-Wedding?

A micro wedding is often confused with an elopement, which is usually just attended by the bride, groom, and the witness. Sometimes, it is also conflicted with minimony that has only less than 10 people, consisting of the spouses’ closest and dearest people. Micro-weddings, also known as intimate weddings, differ in that they typically have less than 30 people in attendance, including vendors. 

The beauty of micro weddings is that the couple has the power to define what the term means to them. It’s more about a mindset of having a small, intimate celebration rather than a specific number of guests. From there, the couple is free to choose the food, flowers, music, bridal gown, bridesmaid robes, or even bridal suit that best fits their vision for their special day. 

So, what is a micro wedding exactly? Simply put, it’s a smaller version of a traditional wedding. Everything is done on a smaller scale, with the guest list being the biggest factor in creating a micro wedding. This might mean reducing the number of guests from 160 to 16, or from 75 to just 8 close family members. While there are no strict numbers, a true micro wedding is typically considered to have 20 people or less and adheres to local and state gathering guidelines. 

Despite its smaller size, a micro wedding is still a full-fledged wedding day, complete with a ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, dancing in satin robes, flowers, and cake. It’s a way to have a beautiful wedding day without having to postpone or compromise on the details. The only change is the smaller guest list. 

Benefits of a Micro-Wedding

Micro-weddings offer a more personal and meaningful way to celebrate your marriage with those closest to you. Plus, they can also be less stressful and easier to plan during these uncertain times. If you’re considering a micro-wedding, it’s important to understand what they are all about, the etiquette involved, and how to plan the perfect small-scale celebration. Here are reasons you should give a micro wedding a thought among your options:

People Invited Are Those You Know Will Adhere to Your Rules

When it comes to planning your wedding, it’s important to ensure the safety and comfort of all your guests. To achieve this, it’s recommended to only invite those who will respect your rules and adhere to any safety protocols you put in place, which was a very important aspect, especially during the breakout of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even now, the pandemic is still a threat despite vaccines, although not as much as before. 

One way to ensure that your guests are on board with your rules is to have a smaller, more intimate wedding, known as a micro wedding. This way, you can avoid any potential issues with guests who may not follow safety protocols and be more selective about who you invite. 

Having a smaller guest list allows you to put more resources into safety measures, such as providing custom masks or including instructions for safety guidelines in your invitations. It’s also a good idea to personally reach out to each guest to explain the rules of your gathering and confirm their commitment to following them to make sure that everyone at your wedding is on the same page and you can enjoy your special day without any distractions.

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Mitigates Your Stress on the Overall Wedding Planning Process

The idea of planning a large, traditional wedding can be overwhelming, with the financial, social, and logistical anxieties that come along with it, from the planning process to the actual day. Hiring a wedding planner may alleviate some of that stress, but a micro wedding offers a better solution, minimizing the stress from all angles. 

One of the main benefits of a micro wedding is that it’s much easier to plan for a smaller guest list. There will be fewer invitations to send, fewer seating arrangements to figure out, and less stress when it comes to allocating expenses. 

This means that you can focus on the little details that matter most on your wedding day, rather than getting bogged down by the logistics. Furthermore, with fewer guests to cater to, you can have a shorter lead time, allowing you to focus on creating the perfect, personalized wedding experience.

Exclusivity and a More Relaxed Vibe

A micro wedding is a special and intimate occasion, with only a carefully chosen group of attendees, so don’t feel guilty about limiting your guest list. Having a smaller guest list provides the opportunity for more quality time with everyone. 

In larger weddings, it can be challenging to interact with everyone and have meaningful conversations. With a micro wedding, the reception feels more welcoming and inclusive, and everyone is able to participate in the celebration and enjoy each other’s company. No one feels left out, and you have the chance to make lasting memories with all of your guests.

If you are someone who does not enjoy being the center of attention, a micro wedding is ideal for you. With fewer guests, there will be fewer eyes on you, allowing you to feel more relaxed and at ease on your big day. You can also be more open and expressive during your vows and ceremony, sharing your hopes, dreams, and story as a couple without feeling self-conscious. A micro wedding provides a more intimate and personal atmosphere for the exchange of your wedding vows.

Reduced Costs

Weddings can be quite expensive and as the guest list grows, the budget has to be adjusted accordingly. While you can’t put a price on love, it’s important to consider the cost when planning a wedding. 

Opting for a micro wedding can be a cost-saving measure, especially for those operating on a limited budget. The smaller guest list means fewer expenses and helps keep costs down. You can still indulge and splurge on certain aspects, such as your wedding gown and satin robes for women,  but the per-guest basis will be more cost-effective, making your budget stretch further. 

An intimate wedding allows you to have more control over the budget, giving you the opportunity to prioritize and focus on what’s important to you. Whether you are looking to minimize costs or just want to create an intimate and personalized event, a micro wedding offers numerous benefits. 

With fewer guests, you can spend more on what’s important to you, while still creating a memorable and special day that celebrates your love and commitment to your spouse. In a small-scale wedding, quality is what matters.