When To Hire An Employment Law Expert & How To Find One Near me

As an employee, you may not know when to reach out to a lawyer, even if you suspect that some of your rights have been violated. Reaching out on time is important, because you’ll get professionals insights and you’ll understand what your next steps should be. So is finding a great expert near you, because you want to work with those that are sure to help your cause, and lead you to winning the claim.

When to Hire An Employment Law Expert

Before you can begin searching for a great Los Angeles employment lawyer, though, you’ll want to understand if it is the right time for you to reach out. Numerous reasons can lead people towards hiring these professionals, and I’ll now give you a list of some of those, hoping to clear things up and lead you towards figuring out if you need their services. If you think that you need them, though, then you most likely do. Still, let’s see some of the scenarios when hiring these pros is a must.

  • The Employer Violated The Terms Of The Contract

When you enter into employment, you also enter into a contract with the employer, that both sides need to adhere to. The emphasis is mostly put on the worker adhering to his or her obligations and honoring their part of the contract. Employers, however, are just as responsible for honoring their part, and that’s a fact you should never forget, also it’s easy to do so.

If the employer is not honoring their part of the deal, perhaps by asking you to work additional hours without paying you for those, or in any other way for that matter, then they’re in clear violation to the contract. Workers tend to turn a blind eye to this, on account on saving their jobs, but it’s just not worth it. If you don’t fight for your rights, nobody else will. Except, of course, the employment lawyer. But, you need to hire one in order for them to start fighting.

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  • You Worked Without Getting Paid

What happens if you work your hours and don’t get paid? Or, what if you notice that your payment is lower than, say, last month, even though you worked the same amount of time under the same contract? Once again, turning a blind eye can be easy for most workers, because they fear they’ll get in trouble if they speak up. Speaking up, however, is among the first things you should do if this happens, together with those things you can read about here.

For starters, ask for a copy of your timesheet and make sure that your hours were correctly recorded. Then, point to any mistakes that led to lower payment and ask your employer to correct those. Should they refuse to do so, your next step is, of course, to hire an employment lawyer and let them fight this battle for you.

  • You Were Wrongfully Terminated

Wrongful termination is often one of the more difficult things to prove, given that employers have a way of putting things into words in a manner that will protect them. They’ll often state some “normal” reasons, so to speak, for your termination, even though everyone knows that something else is behind it, something that directly violates your rights as a human being and as an employee. Even if you think there’s no proof for it, hiring a lawyer is beneficial, because these professionals have a way of finding proof even when you believe that there are none.

A lot of people often don’t even know if they’ve been wrongfully terminated or not, which goes in favor of the employers once again. California has its own regulations stating when a worker cannot be terminated, so perhaps check those out first. If you’re not sure whether you’ve been wrongfully terminated, though, but you feel that there’s something shady about you getting fired, you could still benefit from hiring a lawyer.

Read more on what these professionals do: https://www.hg.org/legal-articles/what-does-an-employment-lawyer-do-39005 

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  • You Were Discriminated

Discrimination can just as easily be masked as wrongful termination. It is a very sensitive subject, and it’s true that some employers could even be discriminating without realizing it. Employees often have a hard time realizing it as well, which is why involving the professionals is important. Sometimes, there are HR departments in the firm that you can turn to if you’re suffering discriminatory behavior. Those serve to protect the interest of the company, though, which is why having an employment lawyer on your side is the best move.

  • You Were Harassed

Harassment, and not only sexual one, but harassment that includes hostile behavior towards you because you are a member of a certain race, sexual orientation, national origin, religion and more, is still a serious problem in the workplace. Anything that’s making you feel uncomfortable, or possibly unsafe, can count as harassment, and that can even include some subtle behaviors, such as communication filled with innuendo. Naturally, hiring employment lawyers to protect your rights and interests in cases of harassment is definitely a must.

  • You Think You Have A Case But You’re Not Sure

If the back of your mind is telling you that you have a case against your employer for any of the reasons mentioned above, or for some other ones, but you’re not sure about it, here’s what to do. Become sure of it. How? Well, by hiring employment lawyers, presenting them with your situation and letting them decide if things should be pursued or not. You may not be sure of it, but these experts will be.

How To Find One Near Me

When you’re sure that some of the things that are being done in the workplace and that directly affect you and violate your rights are legally unacceptable, or even if you’re not sure but suspect it, you’ll want to hire the right pro near you to help you. There are things your employer can’t legally do, and you definitely have to take action if you notice some of those. The only question is how to find the perfect employment lawyer near you, and I’ll now give you some hints on that.

  • Check Online Directories

Everything can be found online nowadays, and so can great employment lawyers. Check for directories of those that work in your specific are. For instance, if you need a labor law expert in, say, Los Angeles, California, you should find places online that offer directories for that particular city. This is how you’ll learn about some amazing law firms you may want to contact.

  • Get Referrals

You’ll also learn about those amazing law firms by getting referrals from the people you trust. Naturally, not all of them may be able to give you a suggestion, but some might, and that should be enough. Don’t automatically hire one of those experts you’ll be referred to, though, because you still need to go through an important stage before hiring.

  • Interview Candidates

That’s the interviewing stage. When you find out about some great lawyers during the first two steps, organize interviews. Ask any questions you may have, including those regarding what you should do if you were, say, discriminated (more on that on this page). Basically, ask the general questions regarding experience and such things, but also get more specific, present them with your case and listen to what they would do about it.

  • Feel Free To Make A Change

If you’ve previously chosen an employment lawyer and you’re finding him or her lacking right now, you may be tempted to stick it out until the end of the process and hope for the best. No need to do that, though. You can always make a change and hire a new professional if you find that your current one isn’t up to the task.

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