When Does REI Dividend Come Out?

When Does the REI Dividend Come Out? For avid outdoor enthusiasts and REI Co-op members, the annual dividend is a highly anticipated event. Understanding when the REI dividend is distributed and how to make the most of it adds an extra layer of excitement to the outdoor retail experience. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the details of when the REI dividend comes out, explore historical patterns, and address common queries related to REI dividends.

When Does The REI Dividend Come Out?

The release of the REI dividend is an annual event that typically occurs in March. Members eagerly await this moment, as it marks the time when they can access their earned dividends and indulge in new outdoor gear and equipment.

When Does REI Dividend Come Out 2023?

For those planning ahead, the REI dividend for 2023 is expected to follow the traditional timeline, with distributions likely occurring in March. REI members can check their accounts or stay updated on the official REI website for specific dates and announcements.

When Does REI Dividend Come Out 2016, 2022, And 2024?

In previous years, the REI dividend has consistently been released in March. While historical patterns are not guarantees of future events, the March timeframe has become a reliable indicator for members to anticipate the arrival of their dividends.

When Does REI Dividend Come Out Reddit?

REI’s online community on platforms like Reddit often buzzes with discussions about the dividend release. Members share experiences, insights, and sometimes even early notifications about the dividend release. However, it’s essential to verify information directly from REI’s official channels.

REI Dividend Percentage

The REI dividend percentage is calculated based on eligible purchases made throughout the year. Members typically earn a percentage of their total purchases, which is then converted into a dividend. The percentage can vary, and members can check their accounts for specific details.

REI Dividend Check

Once the dividend is released, members have the option to receive a physical dividend check or use it for online and in-store purchases. REI offers flexibility, allowing members to choose the option that best suits their preferences. Let’s find How To Calculate Dividend Payout Ratio

How To Use REI Dividend Online?

Using the REI dividend online is a seamless process. Members can log in to their REI accounts, view their available dividends, and apply them during the checkout process when making online purchases. This feature enhances the convenience and accessibility of utilizing earned dividends.

When Does REI Dividend Come Out 2021?

In 2021, as in other years, the REI dividend was released in March. REI members experienced the excitement of accessing their dividends and exploring the vast array of outdoor gear, clothing, and equipment available at REI stores or online.

Do REI Dividends Expire?

REI dividends do not expire, providing members with the flexibility to use them at their convenience. Whether members choose to redeem their dividends shortly after release or wait for the perfect outdoor adventure, the dividends remain valid.

REI Rewards Not Showing Up

If REI rewards are not showing up in a member’s account, it’s advisable to contact REI’s customer support for assistance. Technical glitches or discrepancies in purchase records can be addressed promptly by reaching out to REI’s dedicated support team.


In conclusion, the annual release of the REI dividend is a much-anticipated event for outdoor enthusiasts and co-op members. The March timeframe has become a consistent marker for members to gear up for new adventures. Whether redeeming dividends in-store or online, the REI dividend experience exemplifies the co-op’s commitment to rewarding its members and fostering a vibrant outdoor community. Stay tuned to official REI channels for the latest updates and announcements regarding the release of dividends and make the most of this exciting tradition.


When Can I Expect My REI Dividend?

Even though we didn’t make a profit last year, you’ll receive a member reward equivalent to what your dividend would have been: 10 percent back on your eligible full-price purchases in 2020. This will feel a lot like the dividend experience you’re used to, and you’ll see your total reward in your account on March 1.

Can You Cash Out REI Dividend?

Can I receive my Total REI Rewards by cash or check? Co-op Member Reward: You will no longer be able to receive cash or a check for the 2022 Co-op Member Reward and beyond. Co-op Member Reward earned in 2022 and beyond can be redeemed at an REI store, REI.com, REI Outlet, for an REI Adventure trip, or via the REI app.

How Long Does It Take For REI Rewards To Show Up?

REI Co-op® Mastercard® Rewards can be redeemed as they’re earned and are available for redemption when posted to your account (generally 1-2 business days after the purchase is posted), and do not expire..

Is REI Co-Op Worth It?

The REI membership fee of $30 is good for a lifetime membership. So the more years that you have an REI membership, the less it actually ends up costing. If you are buying gear over $300, it pays for itself immediately.

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