What to Do After Suffering from a Car Accident

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are over six million car accidents in the United States, and almost 6% of these result in at least one fatality. However, many accidents also cause tremendous pain and even long-term disabilities. Around three million drivers suffer from non-fatal injuries each year and nearly two million suffer permanent injuries from these accidents. Given that accidents happen so often and that many of these results in injury, it is only right that you are well-informed about what to do if you find yourself in these circumstances. 

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Making sure that all passengers are in good health is the first thing that you should do after being involved in a car accident. This also goes for the driver of the other vehicle. Car accidents can be very dangerous, so you should call an ambulance right away if anyone appears to be gravely injured. However, try to wait for first responders before making any unnecessary movements as this could complicate potential injuries. Don’t forget to exchange contact information with the parties involved!  

Under no circumstance should you drive away from the accident, especially if the vehicle you collided with is damaged or its passengers are injured. Driving away from the scene of the crime is an automatic misdemeanor. Make sure to call the police as they can record a statement of what happened. Involving the police will ensure that nobody changes their story at a later date. If you do end up going to court over a personal injury claim you will need to make sure that you keep an extensive record of how the accident happened and all of the subsequent medical reports, appointments, and receipts. 

Insurance companies are extremely aggressive when it comes to dishing out compensation and they are even known to use intimidation tactics to disprove claims and lower the final settlement. Rather than rightly compensating the victim for his or her injuries, it is in their best interest to cut down on costs. Companies like State farm are notorious for trying to pay out the least number of benefits possible without actually breaking the law. You may be inclined to accept the first offer that you receive, however, this won’t be their best offer. You are always in your right to reject an offer. Countering an offer can often help you receive the claim that you deserve.  

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If you or a loved one have suffered from a car accident, the most important factor to consider is making a full recovery. More often than not, car accidents can be severe, life-changing, and even fatal. Texting, drinking, and speeding are just a few reasons that car accidents happen, but the truth is that you could be a victim of someone else’s carelessness at any moment. Overall, take your time when filing a personal injury claim. Being in an accident can be an extremely stressful time, so make sure you focus all of your energy on getting better.