What to Avoid After a Car Accident

Anything can happen when you are on the road, whether you are cruising along the coast in San Francisco or along a dirt road outside of San Antonio. Being involved in a car accident can be both physically and mentally traumatic. It can be difficult to get your bearings following an accident, but your actions can be very important. Staying calm and knowing the right steps to take are crucial.

Whether or not you are at fault in an accident, a sense of panic or shock may set in once the smoke has cleared. Making decisions about what to do next can be a challenge. You shouldn’t do certain things after an accident, and we will explore them in this article.

Along with finding an auto accident attorney in San Antonio or San Francisco, you will need to know what to do after your accident. Let’s look at a few things you should NOT do after a car accident.

Leave the Scene

Leaving the scene of an accident is a crime. Even when there are no injuries and the accident is minor enough to have not caused any major damage, it still needs to be reported to the authorities. You must stop, make sure that there are no injuries to everyone involved in the accident, exchange insurance information, and call the police. Failing to follow these steps could result in you facing criminal charges. 

Refuse Medical Attention

Being involved in a collision can be hard on your body. You may feel like you have no injuries following a minor crash, but if you are offered medical attention on the scene, you should not refuse. There are many injuries that can be sustained in an accident that doesn’t show up right away, including whiplash. You may feel fine, but that may be due to a high level of adrenaline running through your body from the trauma of the accident. Never refuse medical attention when it is offered following an accident. If you have injuries, you want them documented as soon as possible. 

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Forget Documentation

It is standard procedure to exchange insurance information following an accident. This is a crucial step that should not be missed. Along with insurance paperwork, you should also attain the names, addresses, and contact information of everyone involved in the accident. You may want to contact witnesses later if you are filing a personal injury lawsuit.

Lose Your Temper

Being in an accident can be traumatic and very upsetting. However, it’s important not to lose your cool at the scene. Becoming argumentative with the other people involved will not get you anywhere except in trouble with the police. Be polite and civil and respectfully answer any questions posed to you by the police. 

Don’t Gather Evidence

If you plan to file a personal injury lawsuit, you must build a case. Making the mistake of not gathering evidence at the scene of your accident could make it impossible to put together a strong case. Take a few minutes to record all the accident details, including taking pictures. 

It can be upsetting and confusing to be involved in a car accident. Knowing what steps to take can make a huge difference in the results down the line. Follow these tips about what NOT to do after an accident to protect your rights and future. 

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