What online games to play in 2022

The online industry continues its intensive development. From year to year, new interesting projects appear and players even get lost – what to play.

The choice of a huge number of games in all possible genres. Shooters, Strategy, MMO RPG.

What projects are worth paying attention to:

  • World of Warcraft
  • Destiny 2
  • PUBG
  • CS GO

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World of Warcraft

One of the best representatives of the MMO RPG universe. The basis was the confrontation between two factions – the Alliance and the Horde.

The player will have to wow character boost on the game continents, mastering skills and talents, major battles for control of key lands for faction influence, massive and single PVP clashes.

There are many archaeological sites and events in the world that reveal the general game plot. The faster the player reaches the maximum level, the more interesting content will become available.

The main interest is presented in the form of raids and world bosses – players will have to unite in squads to defeat the strongest opponents and their minions in order to get the most valuable reward and equipment available in the game.

From the activities of the players, the development of gaming professions awaits, each of which will develop skills that will help in pumping and replenish the player’s pockets with gold.

Destiny 2

An online shooter with a leveling system and a set of skills.

Events are developing on the continents and planets of the universe of the future. The player will have to choose one of three classes to choose from and go to explore space, in parallel unite in groups and fight really strong enemies.

There are three classes to choose from:

Titan – the prototype of a medieval knight in the fantasy shooter theme. He wears heavy armor and uses close combat to his advantage. The main defender of the squad. According to the game plot, the Titans founded the city and swore an oath to protect it.

Warlock – a prototype shooter with elements of magic. Uses medium range and various techniques to deal massive damage to the enemy. According to the plot – wise men who have devoted themselves to the fight against darkness, not disdaining to use weapons to achieve their goals.

Hunter – a prototype of special forces in the fantasy shooter theme. They use a long distance, but due to the skills of close combat with a knife, they also feel great in close combat. According to the plot, wanderers from the deserts, who comprehended endurance and accuracy in the struggle for survival. Notorious for their capes and contracts to kill. According to the code of honor, the hunter must take the cloak and contract of the fallen brother in arms.

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A sensational battle royale shooter, in which you can take part on your own or in a squad of up to 4 people.

The royal battle is a battle in the allotted territory where there should be only one winner, or squad.

Players drop off aircraft at random points on the map without weapons and look for armor and equipment that is randomly generated.

The map is constantly shrinking, forcing players to constantly shift and fight each other, rather than sit in a quiet place. Everyone around is an enemy, and the strongest and most cunning player wins.

Even if you are not a fan of this type of game, you can always watch a world-class tournament on twitch – where the best teams compete in accuracy and team tactics for the right to be considered the strongest


The sensational sequel to CS 1.6 from Valve. Players are divided into two teams – special forces and terrorists.

The task of the terrorists is to destroy the special forces, or to plant a bomb and let it explode. The special forces must not allow the explosives to be installed, or the object to be cleared of mines.

Games are divided into competitive – where players are awarded points for victories, which increase their rating, or lower them in case of defeat.

There are also many interesting modes:

2v2 fight with a partner against 2 opponents on reduced popular cards for the right to increase the rating.

Strike – 3 terrorists plant a bomb at a point and must protect it from 4 commandos. Choose an equipment card and destroy the enemy.

If you get bored with the official modes from the developers, go to the workshop. There are a lot of author’s maps and tasks that are sorted by the rating left by other players.

Here and AIM cards for training accuracy. Maps with various and random weapons. Protection against zombie attacks and much more.