What is the use of studying the important questions?

What is the use of studying the important questions?

Our education system has been designed with the mindset that gives the highest importance to one’s studies. Everything beyond school life is dependent upon how well we did in our higher studies. Getting into colleges and courses is very important since it will determine the career options students can get into in the future. And getting our choice of college and course is solely dependent on how well students do in their Class 12 Board Exams. 

Have you ever been at a point where you wonder what it is that the toppers do during their preparation that you did not? Every student wishes to do their best and achieve the highest scores in every subject. Through this article, you can be assured that it is not an impossible task to be one of the toppers in your batch. 

Scoring well is not dependent upon attending every class in school and memorizing whatever is a part of the books. There are factors like being attentive about what is being taught, grasping the concepts through self-study, and most importantly, regular practice.

There is always a list of things you can do to facilitate your practice if your goal is to get better at your studies and achieve well in all of your exams. An important part of self-study and practice is looking for important questions and solving them.

Important Questions should be a significant part of your preparation along with other study material like NCERT Solutions, sample papers, previous year’s question papers, etc. These materials are very helpful to strengthen your preparation for your exams. A set of questions are given more importance due to being repeatedly asked in the exams over the years, and also holding higher weightage in terms of marks at the same time.

What are the benefits of referring to important questions?

A basic preparation should include reading all the chapters thoroughly, making notes of the significant details, solving NCERT questions, referring to NCERT Solutions for writing better and more accurate answers, solving sample papers, etc.

Honestly, if you follow these steps, you are on the correct path to scoring well in your exams. However, studying questions that are considered more important than others will provide you with an advantage over the other students. 

Being aware of the important questions and knowing how to solve them correctly will not only increase your chances of scoring higher but make your preparation stronger than others for any exam. 

During your preparation, as you try to solve important questions, you are also able to assess how much you know and understand. Even if you may not be able to solve those questions, look for their answers, understand what is to be done, and practice. 

Important questions help you by questioning details that you might have missed or forgotten to cover while going through the particular topics. If you are unable to answer questions related to any particular topic, you can immediately go back to studying the topics. This way, you can assure that you have covered everything that is a part of your syllabus.

Referring to important questions before you start preparing can also help you determine the topics or chapters that hold significantly higher importance. This will be useful in prioritizing the parts of your syllabus that require extra time, focus, and practice. Accordingly, you can also prepare your timetable for preparation.

In subjects like Mathematics and Science, where the syllabus is vast, knowing about the importance of particular questions and topics with reference to their weightage can be very useful for students in saving time during their preparation.

Where can you find the important questions?

You can find important questions through various resources easily available online. You may discuss with your teachers as they are experienced and have more knowledge about questions that are important and have a higher possibility of being asked in the exams. Students can also look for question banks that provide a list of questions that have been repeatedly asked in the question papers from previous years.

Make sure to look across more than one or two resources when looking for important questions online. Most of the resources will offer you similar lists of important questions. However, if there are any uncommon additions, you can prepare for them as well. Students can check with their subject teachers to make sure if they have collected the accurate material for important questions. 

Another factor to look for is that the important questions are also available with answers. Most of the resources, both online and offline, provide students with accurate and well-explained answers for the given important questions. This is helpful for students in case they face difficulty in understanding or solving the questions correctly.


While it is not compulsory to refer to important questions, it is advised to do so by the majority of subject experts and teachers. Studying important questions as a habit for preparation for any subject or exam will only provide you with a better result.

It is crucial on your part to not leave any chances of scoring the maximum marks possible in your exams. Especially when students are to appear for their Class 12 Board Exams, it is very important to make sure they have prepared well enough according to their potential. 

While students try to do their best in each subject, it is also important to keep a check on their mental and physical health as the preparatory period before the exams can be very stressful. Students often compromise on their diet, sleep, and physical activity. 

It is important for students to realize the significance of following healthy habits even during their preparation. Referring to important questions also provides students with a sense of confidence that they are well-prepared for their exams. Using other helpful study material like sample papers, NCERT solutions, etc. may release them from a certain amount of stress and assure them about their preparation and capabilities.

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