What is RoR and ways to check with few ways:

Any Records of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat (Any ROR @ Anywhere) is Gujarat’s official land records website, where all the state residents can view land records. The website is managed by the Revenue Department of the State of Gujarat.

AnyROR @ Anywhere Gujarat?

AnyROR Gujarat or Any Records of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat is a software application designed to help any Gujarat citizen by providing information about land records. Thus, the primary objective of this online portal is to give you access (only if you are a citizen of Gujarat) to your land details, land owner’s name, and more through the 7/12 Utara—an extract of the land register or records maintained by the governments of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Now you know, what is anyror amd lets see it in detaily with this article. 

Launched by the Revenue Department of NIC (National Informatics Centre), the software covers 26 districts and 225 talukas of Gujarat.

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Importance of Gujarat Records of Rights:

  1. Protects the rights of the owner of the land
  2. Helps to get a loan from a bank
  3. The Court demands land records proof in case any dispute arises.
  4. The certified copy of records of rights protects you from illegal land acquisitions or grabbing.

Uses of Gujarat Records of Rights:

  1. We need to check the ownership of the land.
  2. You can use it to get access to information about the land.
  3. A vital document works during the land sale.
  4. The farmers can use it as a document while getting a loan from the bank.
  5. During the land sale, the buyer can use the land records to verify or check the land’s revenue records through land records

How to Check Land Records on Any ROR:


Follow the steps mentioned below to check land records in the urban area.

  1. Visit the link: https://anyror.gujarat.gov.in/emilkat/GeneralReport_IDB.aspx.
  2. Choose your search type from various options available.
  3. Select the following from the drop-down menu.
    • District
    • City Survey Office
    • Ward
    • (search type) details
    • Sheet No.
    • Enter the text shown in the yellow background.
    • Click on the ‘Get Detail.’


To check land records in rural areas, follow the steps mentioned below.

  1. Visit the link: https://anyror.gujarat.gov.in/Info712Page.aspx.
  2. Choose your search type from various options available.
  3. Select the following from the drop-down menu.
  • District
  • Taluka
  • Village
  • (search type) details
  • Click on the ‘Get Detail’ button.

Concept of Any ROR:

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Gujarat is a state in which one of India’s most developed countries is undoubted because of its excellence in infrastructure and sprouting industrialization. There are many reasons why Gujarat is so advanced, thanks to the industrialization policies. The advantages of long cost lines that made the tourism industry sprang as rightly modeled the infrastructure.

Apart from all these peripheral advances, the concept of digital India first started in Gujarat. Thus, you can explain with an example of Any ROR Gujarat. Any ROR Gujarat is a mobile application software designed to help citizens to obtain knowledge about land records. It is just not a groundbreaking discovery but one of a kind.

It is designed to find lands’ valuation, as the price of a property and its originality and records are often misled with. The term of AnyROR Gujarat means (Any Record of Rights Anywhere in Gujarat). This app was launched by the Revenue department and NIC (National Informatics Centre) with the sole purpose of delivering every essential information to check land records of Gujarat.

This app covers almost an area as much as 225 talukas and 26 districts of Gujarat. These things are incorporated together so that an individual can know every information related to all land, that is, a record of the property, a transaction between a buyer and seller, documents, and property tax receipt.

Ways to Check Any ROR:

 It is quite simple to use; the app developers are continually developing the app to make the interface better to cope with modern gadgets. However, the utilities of this app surpass everything. It is quite easy to use; first, you need to open the ROR website from your phone or device. After that, it will lead you to a tab where you will need to click on “View Land Record -Rural” on the next page; it will introduce several links such as VF6, VF7, VF8A, and 135D notice for mutation. After clicking on any of these links, you will need to fill in your needs details. 

This is, no doubt, a groundbreaking discovery in a country like India. Once again, thanks to the developing ideologies of Gujarat and those who plan them.