What is Hazard Insurance, How it is Different than Homeowners Insurance?

What is Hazard Insurance?

Hazard Insurance definition refers to the coverage provided to a property owner caused against damage to any natural disaster such as severe storms, hail or frozen rain, fire, etc. Here, Hazard Insurance covers the physical structure of your home as well as the things which are inside the house.

Usually, the homeowner’s insurance policy covers up for the Hazard Insurance as home insurance policy comprises some of the common perils, like fire, vandalism, and theft. Though damages caused to the house by perils are covered up to some extent.

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Sometimes, hazard insurance is considered similar to the catastrophe insurance as they both offer coverage for large-scale, natural disasters though they are much different on the technical part.

Related Points to keep in mind:

  • It helps to protect a property owner from the damage caused by a natural disaster such as severe storms, hail or frozen rain, fire, etc.
  • The general homeowner’s insurance policy shields the building of the home while dealing with Hazard Insurance.
  • You should have homeowners insurance to get hazard coverage.
  • You can also opt for a separate or additional hazard insurance coverage for yourself.

What does hazard insurance cover?

Hazard insurance may offer coverage or include the following Perils in general:

  • Fire damage
  • Hail
  • Lightning
  • Damage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fallen trees
  • Vehicles that run into your home
  • Explosions

kinds of Perils

To be more specific these hazard insurance Perils can be grouped under two kinds of hazard insurance Perils which are:

  • Named perils and
  • Open perils

1. Named perils:

the declaration page of your homeowner’s insurance policy comprises of some listed hazards. Here, in case your homeowner’s insurance policy has listed named perils than you will not receive compensation for damage caused due to any hazard which is not listed in the policy. So, some of the named perils included in homeowners policy are as:

  • Fire and smoke (including wildfires)
  • Detonations
  • Lightning
  • Hail and hurricanes
  • Wreckage
  • Theft
  • Damage from vehicles
  • Harm from aircraft
  • Harm from riots
  • Volcanic outbreak
  • Sudden and accidental breaking, cracking of the house property items
  • Falling items

2. Open perils:

Open perils cover up some common perils which are typically excluded from the normal or named policy. So, some of the perils excluded by polices are as:

  • Floods
  • Water damage
  • Decay and fungus
  • Earthquakes, landslides, and the mudslides
  • Damage due to an infestation of animals or insects
  • Negligence and general wear and tear
  • the foundation of the house gets Set down, cracked, or warped up
  • Damage caused by your pets
  • War or government action
  • Smog and corrosion

What does hazard insurance do not covers?

Typically, the hazard insurance cover does not include in its damage from flooding. Thus, in case of flood, you will need to buy a flood insurance policy in order to protect your home.

Hazard insurance Coverage components:

When you buy coverage for your hazard insurance policy, you will notice that the hazard insurance policy is broken up into six provisions, or coverages, which have their own specific purpose, which is as:

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  1. Three coverages that are contained within the hazard insurance share of the insurance policy, and
  2. Three other core coverages existing in the policy.

Three coverages that are contained within the hazard insurance share of the insurance policy:

  • Dwelling: It includes the physical structure of your home including the roof and foundation of the home.
  • Other structures: It Covers any structures which are typically not connected to your house which can be a fence, shed, garbage, deck, etc.
  • Personal property: It covers your personal belongings which are kept inside your house such as clothes, electronics, and housewares, etc.

Three other core coverages existing in the policy:

  • Loss-of-use: it includes coverage for some additional expenses, like the cost of rent, etc.
  • Personal liability: All your individual or private liability overheads are covered here.
  • Medical payments: Medical payments including the guest medical bills are also covered.

What is the difference between hazard insurance and homeowner’s insurance?

You cannot consider Hazard insurance as a sperate insurance policy as it is typically a part of the homeowners’ insurance policy. So, here both the hazard insurance as well as the homeowners insurance are different as homeowner insurance policy covers the whole of your house with multiple risks including the hazard insurance risk, where as the hazard insurance covers the structure of your home, such as its walls, floorboards and roof further some home appliances are also covered in it.

Some basic point of differences existing between the two can be clubbed up in the following table below depicting Hazard Insurance Vs Homeowners Insurance:

Sno. Basis  Hazards Insurance Home Insurance
1 perils Fire or Smoke & some other associated perils The Coverage is provided on the foremost loss basis
2 Natural calamities Natural calamities are covered  Some offers cover for Natural calamities at no or additional premium
3 Coverage for Do not offer cover for items such as garments, furniture, devices and books in contradiction of destruction or loss caused Contents such as garments, furniture, devices and books in contradiction of damage or loss are covered
4 vehicles Damage Damage which is caused by vehicles are not covered Damage which is caused by vehicles are Covered under accidents in the premises
5 Robbery Robbery or Disruption The Coverage is provided on the foremost loss basis by most of the firms
6 Blast Blast is covered under hazard insurance Coverage for blast Will be categorical after valuation of cause
7 Home appliances coverage Covers Damage for Home appliances which are caused by the water heater, air conditioner or in-home sprayer system Damage for Home appliances Will be covered in case they are specifically requested as add-ons
8 flood cover flood cover is not included or covered only Frozen or ruptured pipes of home are covered. flood cover is offered by Only some insurance companies 
9 Civil commotion or riot Civil commotion or riot-related damage not covered No Cover is offered for Civil commotion or riot
10 Electrical failures Electrical failures are covered under hazard insurance. Coverage Available for Electrical failures in case you pay the extra premium for the same

So, typically the homeowners’ policy includes coverage for:

  • Hazard insurance
  • Personal property insurance
  • Liability insurance
  • Additional living expenses (ALE) coverage

What does the hazard insurance cost?

As hazard insurance is not considered as a separate policy therefore, the cost of hazard insurance policy will be less than the home insurance policy. The higher paying policies may include the open perils whereas the low pricing hazard insurance policy may include about 10 or 16 named perils.

Moreover, there exists a number of factors other than perils which may increase the cost of hazard insurance, which are as:

  • The age and value of your home
  • The materials your home is made of
  • The sort of policy limit you take
  • The policy deductibles you take
  • Whether your home has confident security features

Apart from these, your home condition or your house area will also affect the hazard insurance policy price as the old house will be damaged more leading to the high cost of repairs compared to the newly constructed ones. You can add on flood insurance and umbrella insurance policy too to your policy as optional coverages, which are offered by some hazard insurance providing companies.

Companies offering hazard insurance:

Typically, the home insurance companies provider provides for the hazard insurance too. So, hazard insurance is provided by some major insurances companies which are:

  • Nationwide hazard insurance
  • Allstate hazard insurance
  • State Farm hazard insurance
  • Geico hazard insurance
  • Hartford hazard insurance
  • Liberty Mutual hazard insurance

How much hazard insurance do you need?

This depends on the likely damage to be caused. As, the houses which are at risk of perils like fire, hail, lightning, and wind damage does not require a hefty amount of hazard insurance, only a minor amount of hazard insurance is enough. Whereas, the houses constructed in the areas of having flooding, earthquakes and mudslides may require a large amount of hazard insurance or an add on separate hazard coverage policy.

Thus, we recommend you choose a hazard insurance coverage option based on the current market and the cost which will be incurred in the construction of your home.

What to look in for hazard insurance when shopping for the policy?

A basic hazard insurance policy must satisfy your needs. And in case you are living in areas having flooding, earthquakes, and mudslides you can choose the add on options available to you depending upon the need of an individual homeowner.

Further, your homeowner’s insurance policy should be enough as comprehensive as possible.

What is hazard insurance on a mortgage?

Hazard insurance protects the homeowners against the costs of damage caused due to fire, vandalism, smoke and other related issues. While in case of a mortgage insurance policy, the lender will take out the hazard insurance to protect his investments.

What is hazard insurance on a home loan?

Hazard insurances provide for the coverage for the building of your home. Whereas, the mortgage loan provider before issuing the loan needs the hazard insurance at minimum cost as the homeowner’s insurance policy is directly related to the home structure, which increases the cost for the same.

What is a hazard insurance premium?

The hazard insurance premium is the regular amount that is paid as a regular payment to maintain insurance coverage. Though the premium amount is set at the beginning of purchasing the policy, and it can be raised in the future. The hazard insurance premium amount is dependent upon the risk of the home, and the value of your home. You can further pay the hazard insurance premium based on a monthly basis, quarterly basis, semi-annually basis or on the basis of annual hazard insurance premium.

What is hazard insurance payment?

While you purchase a hazard insurance policy, you set up the hazard insurance premium to be paid. Other than this, you also pay a principal amount to make sure that the coverage won’t lapse. So, you pay the hazard insurance payment with the hazard insurance premium as well as interest on the loan.


The hazard insurance protects you against damage to any natural disaster such as severe storms, hail or frozen rain, fire, etc. Though there exists a difference between the homeowner’s insurance policy and the hazard insurance still both covers home in its means. Moreover, hazard insurance is a part of homeowners’ insurance as to purchase hazard home insurance you should have home insurance.


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