What Is Clover Point Of Sale And How Can It Benefit My Business?

Point of Sale systems or POS systems are quite popular today. These systems let businesses carry out transactions easily with clients. The market abounds in various POS systems. The Clover Point of Sale system is one of these. It helps smoothen business operations and streamline the process. Clover has taken much time for the expansion of its products to merchants but has ultimately become available to the mainstream merchant market. Find out how this POS system can benefit your business.

Easily customizable

The Clover POS comes with a very streamlined design and boasts of full-featured system that is ideal for any modern business out there. The system can be configured easily as per specific business requirements. It can be customized by organizations with various features to speed up business operations further. The right hardware combination can be used to satisfy individual requirements.

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Cloud-based system

This system is cloud based. Naturally, it is convenient to access reports, refunds, inventory sales etc from any location. Clover has its own app store and you can get third party apps as well as Clover approved add-ons to improve the efficiency of the business system. This system can be made more easily scalable.

Ready to be used by all

Clover never comes with per-worker based charge, and the entire team of your business can use its POS system. This is a fully featured platform that is available with built-in basics. You can simply un-box the system and start using it.

Supports all types of payments

It is important for any business to accept payments and process the same in many ways. The Point of Sale System of Clover accepts payments in various forms, such as:

  • Debit or credit cards
  • Gift cards
  • Mobile wallets
  • Contactless payments
  • EMV chips
  • Online payments etc.

It adds service or delivery charges automatically. With this POS system, returns, refunds and exchanges can also be processed fast.

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Easy Sales Reporting

In order to make important decisions about business, there is a need to have all the sales data recorded and evaluated. Clover Point of Sale system offers detailed insights regarding profits, margins, sales etc. Rather than using bank statement details, you can make use of detailed sales data for crucial business decisions.

Convenience in customer management

It can also help you generate customer profiles with the help of the contact information that consumers submit. You can engage with consumers and send marketing messages, promotional emails and more to them. You can also reward loyalty programs to customers through the customer engagement app of Clover. Customer feedback can also be captured privately.