What Is A Grave Blanket?

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Cemeteries often hold a multitude of stories, traditions, and memorials, each reflecting the unique cultural and personal expressions of remembrance. Among these traditions is the concept of the “grave blanket,” a custom particularly prevalent in some regions of the United States. In this blog, we will explore what a grave blanket is, its origins, cultural significance, and the artistry that goes into creating these beautiful and meaningful grave coverings.

What Is A Grave Blanket?

A grave blanket is a seasonal memorial decoration used to adorn the graves of loved ones during the winter months, typically from late autumn to early spring. These coverings are typically made from natural materials, such as evergreen branches, pine cones, holly, and other seasonal flora. The arrangement is crafted in a rectangular or blanket-like shape, covering the entire grave plot. The primary purpose of a grave blanket is to protect the grave from the elements and provide a decorative tribute to the deceased.

Origins Of The Tradition

The tradition of grave blankets is thought to have originated in Eastern European countries and migrated to the United States with immigrants who settled in regions like the Midwest and the Northeast. The custom likely developed as a way to honor and remember the deceased during the harsh winter months when fresh flowers and other decorative items were scarce.

Cultural Significance

  1. Winter Remembrance: Grave blankets serve as a beautiful and meaningful way to remember loved ones during the winter season. The evergreen branches and other plants used symbolize the enduring memory of the deceased, even in the cold and dormant months of the year.
  2. Seasonal Tradition: Creating and placing grave blankets is a seasonal tradition that brings communities together. Families and friends often come together to craft these memorials, ensuring that the memory of the deceased remains a part of the community’s shared culture.
  3. Natural Materials: The use of natural materials in grave blankets underscores the connection between life and death, as well as the cyclical nature of the seasons. It serves as a reminder of the renewal and rebirth that spring will bring.
  4. Craftsmanship: Grave blankets are often meticulously crafted with attention to detail. The process of creating these decorations involves weaving and arranging natural materials in a way that is both artistic and symbolic.

Modern Adaptations

While the tradition of grave blankets is deeply rooted in history, it has also evolved with time. Today, some people incorporate synthetic materials and artificial decorations into their designs, allowing for a more durable and long-lasting tribute. Additionally, the practice of placing grave blankets is not universal and may not be observed in all regions or cemeteries.


The tradition of grave blankets is a beautiful and culturally rich way of paying tribute to loved ones, particularly during the winter months. It reflects the enduring connection between the living and the deceased and demonstrates how culture, tradition, and artistry can come together to create meaningful and evocative memorials. While grave blankets may not be a widespread practice, they serve as a touching reminder of the diverse ways in which people honor and remember those they have lost.


How Long Does Grave Blanket Last?

to last a minimum of 5 years. They are a perfect way to cherish your loved one at their final resting place. They include grommet holes and metal stakes to secure the blanket to the ground. These blankets be customized with a variety of different photos, colors, wording, etc.

Are Grave Blankets Waterproof?

Custom Grave Blanket covers burial ground. Customize with photos of loved ones and colors of your liking. Material is waterproof and UV resistant to withstand through all seasons.

What Size Are Grave Blankets?

Grave Blanket Sizes: 1×2 feet (Newborn/Pet), 1×3 feet (Infant), 2×3 feet (Infant), 2×5 feet (Child), 3×6 feet (Adult), 4×8 feet (Adult).

Why Do People Buy Grave Blankets?

Of course, we know that blankets aren’t essential to a grave. However, it’s important to appreciate what they symbolize. Most families see this custom as something to keep their loved ones warm and honor their memories. It’s a fond way to continue showing love to the deceased.

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