What Is A Gold Quarter Worth

Gold Coins

The popularity of gold coins is rising quickly as people worry about the economy. There are many types of gold coins and the have many different denominations. You can get American coins, or you can get coins from other countries, as well. They are all worth different amounts of money, even though the printed amount can be similar.

You can do some research to find the worth of your gold coins. You can also look at a gold quarter value and worth chart to find the worth of your coin. These charts are readily available from websites all over the internet. 

This article will also share some of the values of some gold coins from around the world. It will help you to get started on your research journey. If this is not enough information for you, you can do more research.


  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf

This coin is minted by the Royal Canadian Mint and has been in production for more than forty years. It celebrated its fortieth anniversary in 2019 and the RCM has minted over twenty-five million troy ounces since the beginning. This is one of the most popular coins for collectors. 

This coin is known for its new DNA technology that sets this coin apart from its competitors. This technology adds anti-counterfeiting measures that include precise radial lines and engraving. The obverse side there is a profile view of Queen Elizabeth II, and the face shows the majestic maple leaf surrounded by the number 40 with a smaller maple leaf printed below as a security measure. This coin is worth around nineteen hundred dollars. 

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  • South African Gold Krugerrand 

This coin was first minted in South Africa in 1967 and was named after the late president Paul Kruger. Kruger was the last president of the South African Republic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Kruger. This is one of the first gold coins minted by a sovereign and is made from 22 karat gold. 

People who love collecting gold coins love the Krugerrand because of its beauty. These coins can be used in your gold IRA as a way to diversify your portfolio. It can be used to be a hedge against global inflation. This coin is worth about thirteen hundred dollars. 

  • Australian Gold Kangaroo

This coin was first minted in Perth, Australia in 1987 and is a favorite among collectors for its design. This coin is also approved for your gold IRA having .9999 fine gold. This coin is a great investment for beginning investors. The Australian Gold Kangaroo can help you to diversify your investment portfolio.

This coin has a picture of a kangaroo on one side and the late Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. It was designed by Dr. Stuart Devlin and features the Red Kangaroo in mid-hop. The kangaroo is surrounded by a sunburst pattern and also features the words “Australian Kangaroo” in microscopic letters to prevent theft. These coins are worth about two thousand dollars. 

  • Australian Lunar Series

These coins are also minted in Perth, Australia and feature the late Queen Elizabeth II on one side and one of the symbols of the Chinese New Year on the other side. There are twelve of these coins in the series that was first printed in 1996 and the Lunar II series began printing in 2008. The symbols include the Ox, Pig, Mouse, Tiger, Dragon, Rabbit, Horse, Snake, Goat, Monkey, Dog, and Rooster. These coins are also good for your gold IRA being .9999 pure gold. This coin is worth around twenty-three hundred dollars depending on what symbol is on the front.  

  • British Gold Britannia 

This beautiful coin was first minted in the United Kingdom. It features the Royal Arms on one side and the late Queen Elizabeth II on the other side. The Royal Arms are recognized by most United Kingdom citizens because it is featured on most legal papers. You can see the depiction here. The quartered shield represents each nation that is governed by the United Kingdom.

Also good for your gold IRA, this coin is also .9999 pure. This coin also features the sayings “May he be shamed who thinks badly of it” and “God and my right.” This coin is especially popular to members of the United Kingdom. This coin is worth about eighteen hundred dollars.

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  • Gold Queen’s Beast Series

These coins are a part of a ten-design series that feature beasts that correspond to each of the Royal family’s heritage. These designs were once sculptures made by James Woodford RA, and once lined the halls of the Westminster Abbey. In 2016, the Royal Mint decided to recreate these sculptures as coins. 

The designs of these coins feature many different beasts that are a part of the Royal heritage. These coins are highly collectible because the are so different from one another. People want to collect the entire set. These coins are worth between about eighteen hundred dollars and twenty-five hundred dollars depending on the design. 

  • Mexican Gold Libertad

This coin was first minted in Mexico City in 1982 and has become a cost-effective way to enter the coin collection and investment arena. This is .9999 pure and can be a part of your gold IRA because of its purity. The design of this coin has not had many changes since it was first minted and features Mexico’s national seal on one side and has the Angel of Independence between two volcanoes on the other side. 

This coin has no face value but is used as the official currency of the Mexican government, something that cannot be said of other coins on this list. This coin is worth about eighteen hundred dollars.

  • Mexican Gold Peso

This coin is made from .900 pure gold and that makes it ineligible for your IRA. It has been minted in Mexico City since 1921 and comes in a number of different denominations. The coins are all different on one side, but the other side features the Mexican Coat of Arms on all denominations. 

The Mexican Gold Peso was the purest form of gold from 1921 until the South African Gold Krugerrand in 1967. The worth of this coin is around twenty-three hundred dollars. 

These are just a few of the gold coins that are available throughout the world of coin collecting. Many of these coins can be used in conjunction with your gold IRA, but not all can. They must meet the purity standards of the IRS to qualify for that. These are all beautiful coins that are just as great for your coin collection.