Websites For Online Education

Online education is very popular across the globe and students and learners of all age groups have benefitted from the same. The advancement in technology and the easy accessibility to the internet have brought the entire world online. For almost a decade now, the online space has catered to a majority of the population and a lot of services and facilities switched to the online mode. The online space made life made more convenient and people could do a lot from the comfort of their homes. The pandemic situation worsening in March 2020, brought even more businesses, services and facilities online. During this period, the education system also made a switch to the online mode. Schools, colleges, academies, coaching centres, tuition centres and all other educational institutions were shut down to ensure the safety of teachers and students during the pandemic. The online system of education was introduced for teachers and students but this system also benefitted people from all professionals and educational backgrounds and made teaching and learning accessible for everyone. There are now a variety of platforms like apps, websites and software for online education. Websites are very common because they can be used on a variety of devices. In this article, we will be discussing websites for online education. We will take a look at the types of websites for education online and their use for teachers and learners. 

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A website is a very popularly accessed platform online. Websites are very common and they are easily accessible using a variety of devices. When the online system of education was initially introduced, there were not many platforms. Basic websites for conducting and attending classes were first designed and introduced to the students and teachers. With time a large number of new platforms were designed and developed for all the activities related to education. A wide variety of platforms have now emerged and you can find different types of websites for teaching, learning and all other activities related to education. The following are a few different types of websites that you can use as teachers and learners for online education. 

Live Classes Websites

Live classes have been an essential part of the online education system. These classes are the closest to the traditional offline classes in the way they are conducted. There are websites that are designed like traditional classrooms. These virtual classrooms are highly useful for online education. Teachers and students have the opportunity to interact in real-time using these websites. 

Websites Offering Teaching Tools And Features

When conducting classes and teaching in the online mode, teachers will need the tools and techniques, just like in the offline mode. Many websites offer teaching tools for the teachers. These tools enhance the online teaching experience for teachers. And make online teaching very similar to offline teaching. 

Websites For Conducting Quizzes, Tests And Exams

Monitoring the students’ progress is an important part of education. Exams have always been essential to the processes of teaching and learning. In the online mode as well, it is important that exams and tests are conducted regularly for online classes as well. A large number of websites offer the tools and features for conducting tests, generating question papers and also assessing the answer sheets submitted by the students. 

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Online Course Creating Websites

Many professionals are also interested in teaching and sharing their knowledge with students and professionals who are willing to invest their time in learning and improving themselves. Online courses can be used by these professionals for teaching and learning. Various tools are offered by course creation websites for creating online courses. 

Online Course Selling Websites

You can launch course online by using an online course selling website. These websites can be accessed by learners for accessing your online course. As a course creator and teacher, you can reach the right audience and reach people across the globe who wish to learn online using online courses. 

Personal Websites

If you have a personal website for your brand or business or even your own personal use, you can use it for educational purposes. You can sell online courses from your own website and offer to share your knowledge, skills and experiences with learners who access your course from your website.