Using Fake Phone Number To Increase Privacy On The Web

Increasing online privacy during the usage of websites and apps is one of the most important goals for internet users these days. Even large platforms are getting hacked, not saying that now there are much more fraudsters than a few years ago and it is quite easy to become their victim. Setting up a random name and profile picture is surely a great and effective solution. But what can be done when it is necessary to provide a personal mobile number like when signing up for WhatsApp or Telegram? You can just use a fake phone number for verification. This feature allows signing up for all services on the web and is completely private.

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Fake Number In Essence

Many inexperienced users have the wrong idea about what is this feature about. In their opinion, a fake phone number is a set of random digits that cannot be used in any way like even to receive SMS. However, in fact, it is not. Fake numbers are just a category of virtual numbers. They are also used online and can receive one-time passwords. But besides an opportunity to sign up for online services they also provide users with maximum security and privacy. Such numbers are actively operated by those who value their confidentiality on the internet and for some reason want to remain anonymous in different cases.

Impact On Privacy

You can try to message or call a fake phone number. But this won’t give any results as it is supposed to work only with the appropriate website or application. Simply put, it is available only for receiving OTP. Regular people including fraudsters will be able to do nothing with a fake number if for some reason it falls into their hands.

Moreover, a phone number of that kind cannot be associated with its owner using any software. It has absolutely no history and leaves no trace on the internet no matter what. At the same time, getting a fake phone number does not require a person to provide and disclose any sort of personal information like it goes when buying a SIM card from a cell phone carrier. So this tool provides users with the best security possible and is fully confidential in terms of usage.

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Get A Fake Number For Verification

There is nothing really difficult about taking advantage of such a solution. It takes a few minutes to complete this task and can be done with any online platform that offers an opportunity to get a fake phone number. These days they are available on the internet in a wide selection. But we will show in detail how to do it via SMS-Man service for bypassing OTP as it provides fake numbers in all countries at one of the best prices on the market:

  1. The first thing to do is to perform registration at You can do this using either your email address or an account on one of several social networking sites.
  2. The next step is to top up the balance of the created profile. This can be done on the “Payment” tab which is located on the main page of the website.
  3. Once the balance gets topped up you can proceed to fake phone number purchase. To do this, go back to the homepage.
  4. There will be sections with countries as well as supported websites and applications. You need to choose where exactly your fake number will come from and what platform you are going to sign up for with it.
  5. Once all the parameters are set click on the buy button.

As a result of this action, there will appear ordered fake phone number. It can be used in order to create an account in the selected service right away. Operate it in the same way as if it was your personal number. There is no difference in this regard.