Truck Accidents in Wyoming: Here’s How the Laws are Different!

Being involved in a truck accident falls under the category of personal injuries; however, semi-truck injuries are much more serious and the policies that are applicable for truck accidents differ from the policies for other types of motor accidents. 

If you’re a victim of a truck accident, you need a Wyoming personal injury lawyer since the laws in truck accidents are very different. 

The things that are different in semi-truck accidents have been compiled below.

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  1. The Requirement of a CDL 

A commercial truck driver requires a commercial driving license. A semi-truck cannot carry a load of more than 80 thousand lbs. Besides, other motor vehicles do not require inspection before every trip. But in the case of a commercial truck, there’s an inspection that’s supposed to happen every half an hour before every single trip. 

  1. Laws Implied for the Driver and the Trucking Company

The laws implied on a commercial driver and a freight company are different from other vehicles. Let’s have a look:

  1. A driver cannot drive a truck for more than 60 hours in 1 week. 
  2. It’s mandatory under the law that the driver signs a logbook every time the duty starts and ends so that the number of hours can be determined. 
  3. It’s the duty of the trucking company to install an ECM in the truck. The ECM records the speed of the truck, breaks that were taken during the entire trip, and much more.


  1. The Existence of Many Insurance Policies 

The commercial driver should have a personal insurance policy. The trucking company should have one as well. If the trucking company works for some commercial firm, that firm has insurance policies too. 

Why Different Laws for Truck Accidents? 

Out of all the worst scenarios in a truck accident, the death of the victim is the biggest blow. Most truck accidents are so fatal that they either kill the victims or leave them incapacitated for life. 

Besides, since trucks are commercial properties and come under federal laws, the rules are different. 

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When the road accident happens to be a truck accident, the complications for the victims increase too. The legal battle becomes ten times tougher. In the lapse of proper legal assistance from experienced personal injury lawyers in Wyoming, you might lose the battle. 

Whether it’s money that you’ve lost, your peace of mind, or a beloved member of your family, it’s your duty as well your right to make the guilty pay for all kinds of losses. And hiring a reputable personal injury lawyer is your only ticket to victory.