Top Mutual Funds by AMCs in India

If you looked at the Indian financial markets closely, you would find that mutual funds and ETFs form a big part of the investment profile. While active trading in the stock market is quite significant, a majority of small-scale and aspiring investors prefer funds. Digging deeper into the mutual funds, there are over a thousand actively traded mutual funds, managed by a few fund houses. From the investment division of commercial banks to hedge funds and other financial institutes, there are about 50 mutual fund entities. These mutual fund companies are formally known as Asset Management Companies or AMCs, which manage the funds and invest money on investors’ behalf.

Though many of these AMCs offer and create similar mutual funds, their performance, returns and benefits can differ. Thus, making it critical to choose the right AMC to maximise and secure your assets. Here are some of the top-rated AMCs in India

  1. SBI Mutual Funds
    First on the list is the SBI mutual fund, a known name in the mutual fund space. Being a part of one of the biggest bank networks in India, it is also among the oldest AMCs in the country. The fund has over six hundred thousand crores in AUM (assets under management), making it also among the biggest fund houses. SBI Mutual fund manages and provides numerous funds ranging from equity, hybrid, debt and other custom schemes.
  2. Axis Mutual Funds
    The asset management wing of Axis Bank is a joint venture between Axis Bank and Schroder Singapore Holdings Private Ltd. There are close to 70 active
    Axis mutual funds in the market and over 1 crore investors with AMC. All bringing together about 200 thousand crores AUM  making it the seventh largest fund house in the country.
  3. Aditya Birla Mutual Funds
    Competing against commercial banks and financial firms, Aditya Birla’s asset management house shines with its consistent performance and consumer base. Offering a diverse range of fund options and investment flexibility, the Aditya Birla Sunlife Mutual fund is quite popular and well-placed in the market.

  1. ICICI Prudential Mutual Fund
    Managed by another big bank in India, ICICI Prudential AMC is among the top 5 fund houses in the country. The mutual fund house has close to 500 thousand crores in AUM and a sizable collection of growth and hybrid mutual funds. Looking at the number of active investors in
    ICICI Prudential mutual funds, it is evident that it is a popular choice among small and large investors.

  1. HDFC Mutual Fund
    Another major fund house in India is the HDFC Mutual Fund AMC that’s neck to neck with ICICI in size and customers. The asset management company has a great range of assets and high-performance mutual funds in the portfolio. And it’s consistency in returns and high yield makes it a top choice among investors.

These are just the tip of the iceberg and there are many more prominent AMCs in India like Edelweiss, UTI, Mirae Asset etc. All of these have a wide range of innovative offerings for investors. If you are looking to invest in the market and boost your returns, check out these funds and plan your investments.