Top 10 Cell Phone Insurance Providers

What is Cell Phone Insurance?

Cell phone insurance is the protection given to your cell phone in case you lose it or cause damage to your phone or it gets stolen or you crack its screen, etc then mobile phone insurance can cover you against the damage done to your cell phone.

What does the Mobile Phone Insurance Cover for You?

The mobile phone insurance policy covers up when your phone is misplaced, filched off by someone or wrecked off. Moreover, it also offers cover for the following:

  • The Loss inoccoured
  • Unauthorized calls
  • Any accidental damage is done to the phone
  • Phone accessories like chargers, etc.
  • Safety while you are abroad, as well as in the UK

The Applications, games, music and some of the other valuable content in the cell phone are also insured.

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What does Mobile Phone Insurance does Not Cover for You?

Mobile phone insurance providers have written clauses and some other conditions as well in their policy documents that specify the exclusions that are not covered in the mobile phone insurance which are as follows:

  • Negligence: In case you don’t take reasonable care of your cell phone then the insurance company will not recompense the insurance claim. As it was you, who didn’t pay enough attention to your device.
  • Burglary while unattended: Theft of the phone in case you were not cautious enough about the cell phone will not be covered up in the policy.
  • Suspensions or postponement in reporting your lost or stolen of the phone: You need to state that you have lost your phone as short as possible. Some insurers or insurance providers will not cover you up in case you make any delay causing it for more than 24 hours (or 12 hours in case of some of the insurers).
  • Water damage: You need to check your policy covers you for the water harm done to your phone as most of the insurers won’t cover you for the same.
  • There is no SIM card or not the inventive SIM card in your phone: In case your phone does not hold up the original SIM card or in case you are using a dissimilar or changed handset, then there exist chances that you might not be covered.
  • You might not get a new replacement phone: In case your phone is damaged or breaks down, then the insurer will repair it or provide a refurbished phone other than giving you a new replacement phone.
    Young people: The cell phone insurance is not provided for young people or children under the age of 16 (or the age of 18 in nearby some of the cases).
    Intentional damage: any damage done internationally will not be covered.
  • Manufacturer’s defects: Any manufacturing defects will not be covered by insurers or insurance providers.
  • Dents and scratches: Normal dents and normal scratches on the cell phone that is due to everyday wear and tear are not covered in cell phone insurance policy.

Also, you can prefer business mobile phones that make your business process easier.

How much Does Mobile Phone Insurance Cost?

The cost of mobile phone insurance depends on certain factors like the phone brand, model and the level of cover. Mobile phone insurance Premiums can be as £14.99 a month. Though, there also exist some cheap deals too.

What to look for in a mobile phone insurance policy?

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While evaluating the different cell phone insurance policy, one should look at and compare the following:

  • Cover: Opt for the cell phone insurance policies that offer the right protection as well as, coverage and include accidental damage cover, as well as loss and theft, cover too.
  • Value: You should know the worth of your cell phone and choose a policy that offers enough coverage to replace it in case any mishap happens.
  • Excess: You should know how much you pay each time so think about your actual contribution that can range from £50 to £100.

Can I Insure Different Devices?

In case you willing up to insure numerous devices, which includes your devices as mobile phone, your tablet as well as your laptop, or your family member’s phone then you can contemplate opting for gadget insurance. You will also be eligible for a discount when you add up supplementary or more than one gadget to your existing or opting policy.

The following devices can be added to one gadget insurance policy:

  • Mobile phones (which can be of the flowing companies Samsung, iPhone, Google)
  • iPads or, tablets and the eReaders
  • Laptops
  • Smartwatches
  • Cameras

Top 10 Mobile Phone Insurance Providers

1. LoveitCoverit mobile phone insurance

LoveitCoverit’s Premium mobile phone insurance covers unintentional damage and liquid harm and any loss and theft done to the phone at anyplace in the whole world. It also includes a minimum of a 12-month guarantee on substitutions as well as limitless claims and phone repairs.

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2. Insurance2Go mobile phone insurance

Insurance2Go’s mobile phone insurance has a 5 Stars rating. Therefore, it is offering an exceptional invention with a wide assortment of features and assistance. In this insurance, IPhones have to be covered separately by the insurer.

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3. Gadget Cover mobile phone insurance

Gadget Cover mobile phone insurance is a minor UK company that offers insurance for laptops, phones, and some of the other gadgets and also do protects against burglary, unintentional damage, or any breakdown or any unauthorized use of the phone, with loss cover as a further extra. It has a rating of 5 stars, with a common range of features and paybacks.

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4. SwitchedOn mobile phone insurance

Switched On cell phone insurance is also evaluated by 5 stars due to its wide assortment of features and assistance. Moreover, it offers cover against unintentional damage, breakdown of cell phone and malevolent harm, stealing, loss, and unauthorized use.

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5. Gadget Buddy mobile phone insurance

Gadget Buddy cell phone insurance has a rating of 3 Stars and is offering protection against unintentional damage, collapse, and unauthorized use. It does not include robbery and loss in its Bronze cover offered by the insurance company. Though, it is included in Gold cover.

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6. Barclays Tech Pack mobile phone insurance

Barclays Tech Pack mobile phone insurance stands up and gets its recognition as it is managed and directed by the Lifestyle Services Group Limited. It offers coverage against injury, robbery, collapse and unintentional damage of gadgets worth up to £1,500. You can even increase the amount of cell phone which is up to four phones on one insurance policy with Barclays Tech Pack cell phone insurance. It has a rating of 5 Stars.

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7. Natwest mobile phone insurance

Natwest mobile phone insurance is offering cover against damage, burglary and unintentional damage. It is guaranteed by Aviva and is rated as 4 Stars. It has Reward Silver, Platinum, and Black current accounts.

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8. Nationwide mobile phone insurance

Nationwide mobile phone insurance offers coverage for loss, robbery, unplanned damage, breakdown, and unauthorized use. It is run by Lifestyle Services Group Limited. It also allows the utmost of four efficacious dues in any period of 12-month. You don’t need to keep a record of your phone to get yourself insurance. Moreover, family members are also covered who are living at an identical address as yours.

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9. i-Digital mobile phone insurance

I-Digital mobile phone insurance offers coverage against the robbery, unintentional damage and collapse under all of the three tiers of the plan which areas Essential plan, Essential Plus plan, and the Premier plan. As it partakes up tiers therefore, the maximum coverage also varies depending upon the tier. It has a rating of 4 Stars.

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10. O2 mobile phone insurance

O2 mobile phone insurance covers you against the robbery, damage and any unintentional damage done to your cell phone. It also covers up to an approximate amount of £300 of harm done to the accessories of the phone but in order to claim the damage, the accessories are to be obtained from O2 center.

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Best Mobile Phone Insurance Evaluation Table

Here we have compared the best phone insurance policies:

What are the Reimbursements for Cell Phone Insurance?

There exist some benefits of choosing a cell phone insurance policy which are as:

  • Unintended damage cover: Some mobile phone policies recompensate out if by default or instance you drop out or cause disruption to your phone. Moreover, water damage was done and splintered screens are also covered under Accidental damage.
  • Minor surplus: You need to reimburse a customary amount near for every insurance claim, but with mobile phone insurance this insurance claim is usually not more than an amount of £50.
    Unauthorized use: In case your phone is lost or stolen then plans bid up to £2,000 covers for unauthorized calls.
  • Cover abroad: You can relish the equivalent level of safety of your device worldwide. But, in case you have with you travel insurance, then there may arise or exists some restrictions.
  • Reckless replacement service: You can get a Fast cell phone replacement service when your claim is actuality acknowledged and in rough case, you can even have a new-fangled phone within a period of 24 hours.

What can you do to make sure your phone gets insured?

You need to provide the following information to the insurer in order to get your phone gets insured:

  • A valid Proof of purchase from a manufacturer, network provider or the mobile phone retailer
  • Age of device or how old your device is?
  • The condition of your phone.

Note: You need to provide accurate information about your cell phone as the insurer will not pay out the claim in case of incorrect information.

Are you Covered Somewhere else?

You need to see if you already have an insurance cover with you before you buy separate mobile phone insurance.

Home insurance policies, as well as packaged bank accounts, include cover for cell phones and your phones are covered under warranty.

  • Packaged bank account

Firstly, you need to check the terms of the insurance with your bank, as some policies cover only basic cover which involves damage, loss or theft. Moreover, you will need to register your phone with your bank and update your details in case you upgrade your handset.

  • Home insurance

You may already have home insurance in which your cell phone insurance is included or you can add cell phone insurance to your home insurance by paying an additional fee. Although, you have an alternative option, which is to take a separate cover for both cell phone insurance as well as for, home insurance in order to avoid the high amount of premium on a policy paid.

  • Mobile phone warranty

You need to check the manufacturer’s warranty on your cell phone by checking your purchase documents. The cell phone warranty covers damage which is not caused due to your fault. Generally, Warranties last between 12 and 24 months, though only some of the cell phone parts are covered for a shorter time period also. For example, a battery or accessories of the phone are covered or insured for 6 months.

Cell phone insurance according to the needs:

As diverse is the universe so are the people and their needs. Thus, depending upon the diverse needs of people the best cell phone insurance options available can be categorized as follows:

  • Verizon Total Mobile Protection at It is the Best cell phone insurance for Multiple Devices which permits you to protect in all 10 devices or mobile phones at a single time.
  • Square Trade at It is the Best cell phone insurance for Budget buyers. As you need to pay for coverage, and not per device. Therefore, you don’t need to appraise your insurance design every time you change to a new phone.
  • Staymobile Protect Plan at It is the Best cell phone insurance that offers Coverage and assists you by providing24-7 due to funding and addresses you quickly.
  • AT&T at It is the Best cell phone insurance for Families as it bids prodigious exposure options and that too at a reasonable price.
  • Samsung Premium Care at Samsung: It is the Best cell phone insurance for Samsung Devices providing all maintenances and facilities with novel Samsung parts completed by licensed technicians.
  • AppleCare+ at It is the Best cell phone insurance for Apple Devices, as any new iPhone comes only with a standard one year warranty, but if you need you can spread it for up to two years by selecting or getting up Apple Care.
  • Sprint at It is the Best cell phone insurance for Repairs. As with sprint, you can get same-day cell phone service in case you arise to one of more than 450 Sprint stores for the repairs of your cell phone.
  • Geek Squad at Best Buy: It is the Best cell phone insurance for Long-Term Coverage. Geek Squad insurance bids safety for your devices or cell phones for up to five years.


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