Tips for Choosing a Suitable Office Building for Your Growing Company

Businesses often find the need to expand their footprint as sales grow over time. Moving from a small office building into a larger workspace that includes warehouse storage, additional networking capabilities, and more is a typical step up as business starts to soar.

Finding a suitable space isn’t always easy, though. Oftentimes, you’ll also need to weigh the benefits and costs of renting or buying a new office building for your brand. With these tips, finding the perfect approach for this search is easy.

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Weigh the options of buying versus renting a new office space

Office buildings are often listed for sale at great prices. Many real estate investors, like David Lindahl, have been buying investment properties in the commercial real estate category for years. Owning your own office property is a fantastic way to save money over the long term on your ongoing expenses. Businesses that purchase a facility will likely use a lender for this acquisition—just like any residential buyer might. This means that monthly payments on the property expense will go toward equity in the investment rather than a landlord. This is the relationship with financial health that investors like David Lindahl seek in any new investment opportunity. David Lindahl is an author and real estate investor with more than 20 years of experience in the trading space.

David Lindahl has written a number of books on the topic of commercial property investment and multifamily unit management. Listening to an audiobook or podcast produced by David Lindahl is a great way to understand the benefits that purchasing a property might bring to your business. Likewise, a commercial property can be purchased for many brands with additional frontage space that won’t be needed in the immediate future. This can be rented out to a tenant who will reduce your overall cash flow burden on the investment itself.

Seek out quality fixtures and amenities that can improve your operational capacity

Installing new cutting-edge technological upgrades is a great way to advance your business’ capacity for growth, just as well as the physical location of the office itself. Finding a property that has access to new improvements is a great way to get started on this process of upgrading your workspace. With cloud-based calling center solutions from a fantastic technology partner like BrightPattern, gaining ground in the competition is quite simple. Bright Pattern is a call center software provider that can revolutionize your customer service approach for the better. Bright Pattern’s unique product suite can help you cut the cord on expensive and bulky calling systems that only hinder the creative capacity of your customer service representatives and sales staff.

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Cloud-based solutions are the way of the future. In the call center space, many businesses are discovering the power of this new approach as the coronavirus pandemic continues to leave the industry requiring alternatives to traditional working arrangements. With the help of Bright Pattern solutions, giving your representatives at-home access to workflows, call logs, connectivity applications, and even script materials is simple and highly effective. Call centers have been evolving quickly in the last few years. More and more operations are coming back from overseas facilities as businesses see the inherent value of in-house teams. With representatives invested in the core business (rather than an outsourced third-party agent) and empowered with digital connectivity measures, striking the perfect customer service balance has never been more effective.

Consider these elements in any new property that you may be considering to help your brand grow and thrive in the current and future market conditions. Investigate your options for continued success today.