There Are A Ton Of Benefits With The Capital One Venture X Card

The Capital One Venture X Reward Credit Card, Capital One’s best travel card, has a lot to offer. First, you will be able to receive 75,000 bonus miles after spending $4,000 on purchases within the first three months of account activation.

In addition, you’ll receive complimentary access to Capital One social areas Priority Pass social areas along with Plaza Premium lounges, as well as a yearly $300 travel credit. Aside from that, there are a few perks that do not get the proper recognition they deserve.

An Affordable Annual Fee

A Venture X card has an annual charge of $395.  While it may appear to be pricey at first sight, when you consider the benefits it gives, it is really competitive. This is even more true when compared to its two competitors.

The Chase Sapphire Reserve® includes a $550 annual fee. Do you want to make your spouse and significant other an authorized user? This will cost an additional $75. That is $625 for each year you wish to keep the card.

Then there is American Express’ Platinum Card®. The card currently has a $695 yearly charge following a major redesign in 2021. Do you want to add a new authorized user ( to your card account? This is going to cost you a further $175, but you may add a maximum of three users at the same fee. Add it all up and you get $870 per year.


Not only does it have a Venture X yearly fee lower at $395, however the bank additionally makes it easier to offset these expenses than most other credit cards on the market.

You will receive a $300 credit for travel per year when you book a ticket, hotel, or rental vehicle via Capital One Travel Network.

Simply schedule your trip and the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card will credit your account up to $300. As a result, the effective yearly charge is closer to $95, which is considerably more reasonable.

Authorized Users for Free

Typically, the opportunity to add free permitted users to the account you have with a credit card is reserved for those cards that have minimal or low annual fees. Most luxury credit cards, such as the ones described above, demand a substantial cost to add a designated user to your credit card account, which is essential for allowing a spouse, close companion, or friend to take use of some of the card’s features.

A Capital One Venture X card, on the other hand, has no such fee. In fact, you may add a maximum of four approved users to the credit card account for free.  Not only that, but each approved user will receive their own access to the lounge with the opportunity to invite up to two gratis friends, as well as vehicle rental elite status.

Anniversary Bonus of 10,000 Miles

You have probably not heard a whole lot about this perk. However, if you pay the additional $395 annual fee in the card’s second year, Capital One will offer users a 10,000 Venture Miles milestone bonus. Every year you activate your Venture X Card, you will receive that incentive.

Those miles are worth at least $100 if used via a Capital One Travel site or when using points to pay travel expenditures, and potentially much more if you use Capital One airline as well as hotel transfer partners wisely. When you combine this 10,000-mile incentive with the yearly $300 travel credit, you get $400 in benefit from just two perks. Given that the card’s yearly cost amounts to just $395, you may easily come out ahead ($5) each year you use it.

Priority Pass Visitor Access is unrestricted.

The entirely novel Capital One Lounges remain the highlight of the lounge offered by the Venture X Card. However, unlike other premium travel cards, Capital One Venture X users may bring a limitless amount of friends into Priority Pass lounges.

Primary Rental Car Protection

Although primary rental vehicle insurance might not seem appealing, it may save you a significant amount of money upon the following automobile rental. When you charge the rental vehicle to a Venture X card, you get some of the greatest rental car insurance coverage available among outstanding credit cards.

If anything unforeseen takes place, Capital One rental auto coverage allows you to avoid pricey supplementary policies from the automobile rental company, or even one’s own individual policy, sparing you even more money in the long run.

Many travel cards only provide secondary rental vehicle coverage. If you get involved in an accident or your automobile is damaged while using secondary coverage, you must first make a claim through your own private insurance policy before seeking assistance from your credit card provider.

That means you must reimburse for your deductible, and your vehicle insurance prices will almost certainly rise as a result. The Venture X card, on the other hand, is unique. You are provided with main rental car coverage. That implies you may bypass your own policy and go right to Capital One seeking assistance.