The Special Features That Successful Music Store POS Systems Share

Getting good POS software can be a difference-maker for a small business, like a music store. The best POs systems do more than simply process transactions. They also offer software capabilities that streamline your daily workflow, combining tools like inventory tracking, employee scheduling and customer loyalty programs onto one efficient platform. They can tell you how well the new line of Yamaha guitars is selling, track repairs, let you know when to reorder mandolin strings and lots more. When you’re looking for a good POS system, there are several features that can help to optimize the management of your small business.

Cloud Solution

Obtaining a POS system that can access the cloud solution allows you to protect your data or control or modify it remotely, at your leisure. A cloud solution also increases the level of protection of your precious information and represents less risk of data loss due to external causes, such as flooding or fire.

Cloud computing offers loads of benefits for small businesses. A music store inventory management issue, for instance, could be resolved quickly and efficiently because the cloud offers accessible data, automatic syncing, remote work facilitation and easy backups. When a question pops up, the music store manager can simply access the POS system, where all salient data is waiting, and track down the answer.

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Inventory Management

It’s critical to be able to quickly find and track items in your music store. The right POS software can easily locate the instruments and musical items in your inventory. It can also inform you about that inventory, cull information about particular products, advise on things like the minimum amount of a product to have in stock, as well as suggestions that are beneficial to the management of your store. 

Good POS software is dynamic and, besides being able to ring up several different items and accept a range of payment types, it can remind you about products that are in demand and orders to be placed. Its efficacy saves you time and money.

Instrument Repair

It’s not uncommon for customers to bring back broken or damaged musical instruments for repair. POS software can provide a one-stop repair service, allowing you to track each step of your singular repair process. This is as simple as receiving information from the customer, entering that data into your POS system and reading the messages that are waiting. Without stepping away, you’ll be able to discuss any aspect of the repair, from cost to timeline.


Taking items on consignment and offering customers in-store credits or discounts can help your music store grow. It represents a great business opportunity. Putting a customer’s instrument in consignment allows you to make a profit just by providing customer floor space to sell their item. A POS system can hold all of this data and ensure that it is retrievable with the touch of a button. 

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Detailed Customer Files

At a music store, it’s beneficial to be able to draw a clear and detailed portrait of your customers at the point of sale. This will allow you to personalize customer information and provide better service for them. It can also help to build relationships between your staff and your customers. 

Aside from selling, consigning, repairing or fielding inventory questions from your customers, you can write internal notes on your POS system that can only be consulted by your employees. This could mean letting a customer know that a new product is in or a new service is being offered. You could even insert images in customer files. This really shows off the depth of a good POS system, and how much more dynamic it is than simply processing cash, credit, bank card and check transactions.

According to the Small Business Administration, about a third of all small businesses last for longer than ten years. There is tremendous attrition and the trick has always been finding ways that can increase the percentages of long-term success. Today, it’s about competing with hyper-efficient direct-sales websites. A state-of-the-art POS system can help a small business to make it through its growing pains. It ensures that the various components of the business are moving at the same speed and that nothing is being overlooked.