The Important Things To Know About DFARS Compliance

Today we live in a world where cyber attacks are on the rise. Because of that risk, companies need to remain on high alert when it comes to assessing any potential threat to their cyber security. 

For those that work with the Department of Defense, you know that the department puts a very high priority on protecting sensitive information and valuable resources from threats. That is why the department of defense created DFARS or the Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement.

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What It Means To Be DFARS Compliant

The reason these regulations exist is that the federal government has a keen interest in ensuring sensitive information stays protected. This information includes both Covered Defense Information and Controlled Unclassified Information.

Since the federal government does plenty of work with private contractors that are not under their control, the government is paying particular attention to how these companies handle sensitive information. Because this information is so vital, the government now requires the companies that work with the Department of Defense to keep their security systems and protocols updated to meet any new threats. 

When companies fail to comply with the regulations set out by DFARS, they may find they must forfeit their current contracts and potentially lose new contracts in the future. For any company that would like to now or in the future work with the department of defense, you will need to maintain your DFARS compliance. With so many potential business opportunities available, companies must stay current with their security practices to be a part of this expanding business field.

Some DFARS Requirements Every Company Should Know About

If you are a company looking to be compliant,  the minimum requirements are relatively straightforward and easy to understand. Even though the complexity of cyber security increases almost daily, maintaining the minimum essential requirements is actually pretty easy. 

You will need to show the Department of Defense that you have adequate security for any government information in your system. The whole point of DFARS is to make sure only authorized personnel sees government information. 

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When there is any potential breach of sensitive information, a company will need to notify the Department of Defense in a timely fashion. When this happens, they must also allow the department to access all data affected by any breach in their security systems.

The problem that companies often face is that the definition of adequate security can be hard to pin down. With 14 different categories of requirements contained in the regulations, companies would do well to understand all of them to ensure they are meeting the requirements

At the heart of a company’s cyber security is the practice of regularly conducting readiness assessments. This endeavor will show the department evidence that your company is addressing the security protocols and regulations on an ongoing basis.

When companies develop a good roadmap for a continuous monitoring system for all of their cyber security, staying DFARS compliance can be easy. What is most important is to make sure that you have a concrete and flexible plan that allows your company to maintain security today and address any potential threats in the future.