The Importance of images in digital marketing

With time, the way users perceive content has significantly changed. Today, words aren’t enough to keep people hooked onto their screens, given their short attention span. If you want to grab the reader’s attention, adding images or videos to your content is the best way to do so.  

Images are a medium that helps you connect with the audience and keep them engaged. In addition to communicating a thought or emotion, images convey a point that words sometimes fail to do so. It is particularly true in digital marketing, where actions speak louder than words. 

As per Trend Reports, somewhere between 65 to 85 percent of people are visual learners. In the fast-paced digital age, corporations must invest their time and efforts in choosing images that speak to the customers. 

As per a study by PR News, online content gets 94% more views if they have good images compared to content that lacks or has poor quality images. Though a well-written text is persuasive enough, well-placed images make your content look more appealing. 

Moreover, an image helps visitors decide whether the content is relevant to what they are looking for. 

That said, if you want to make your brand more recognizable among the masses, choosing the right image to place within your content is the best way to do so. Stock image platforms like Dreamstime stock photos have a wide range of images for you to download, depending on your requirements. 

Undoubtedly the value of using images in today’s marketing strategies is undeniable, with few other reasons why one must invest efforts, time, and money in delivering such content.  

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As mentioned earlier, content that only consists of words won’t do much to hold the audience’s attention. This is where professionally edited images in the marketing strategy will catch the viewer’s eye, automatically generating engagement. This method mainly works for platforms like blogs and online platforms. 

Websites using high-quality images are more likely to have more buyers. One primary reason is our inherent nature to be drawn to flawless items. That said, when you complement your products with an appealing image, you level up your business and increase the likelihood of purchases.

Corporations that underestimate the importance of using images in marketing campaigns only end up putting themselves at a loss. 

Similarly, those who realize the significance of images in the business world will make efforts to increase sales and stay ahead of their competitors. 

  • Affects Google Ranking

Most content developers don’t know this, but using images in your content significantly affects Google’s ranking. 

One thing Google is known for is favoring content that is out of the ordinary and is aligned with the ever-evolving demands.

It is true for all types of media, most significantly marketing images. Whether you want to create a single-page website, an online store, or make a large marketplace popular, it all boils down to using high-quality images to get a high ranking on Google. 

As a result of your page ranking high, your conversion also automatically increases, and the cost per click of contextual advertising decreases. Efficiently managing the SEO aspect of your online business will aid in surpassing rivals. 

If you are unclear about using photos to improve search rankings, you must follow a few recommendations. For instance, use an appropriate image format; the most commonly used ones are PNG and JPEG files. JPEG is an ideal option; it enables users to adjust the image size and quality. 

Furthermore, it is also recommended that bulky photos must be compressed, as larger pictures take more loading time. 

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  • Images speak louder than words

Given that technological advancements are making waves regularly, with the amount of information consumed, it is only fair to say that simple words aren’t enough to convince buyers. 

As more and more information is presented visually, the audience prefers content that delivers within a short span of time. Our brain is capable of images 60,000 times faster than text, and this information highlights how using imagery in marketing can lead to better outcomes than merely using words. 

However, most corporations make the mistake of not choosing the right image. A picture that connects with your brand values and mission will impact the audience more than the one chosen randomly. 

  • Makes a brand more recognizable

As per research, images can be interpreted for as small duration as 13 milliseconds. However, when it comes to words, it takes a minute. That said, product photos represented from different angles can convey what your brand is about within seconds. 

Moreover, using the correct image will enable people to remember your brand, among other alternatives. A common mistake made by corporations sometimes is that they are quick to upload photos from various stock platforms. 

Doing so decreases the likelihood of increasing conversion rates. Using original photos not only increases engagement but also levels up trust among buyers. 

Images are the brand’s forefront, capable of attracting a buyer or losing them, so take the time to create photos that speak to the audience. 

  • Helps finish product representation in depth

For businesses that rely heavily on product images, using high-quality pictures in digital marketing becomes critical. For instance, if you run an e-commerce website, the business growth largely depends on how the products are showcased and the image optimization approaches used. 

As digital products aren’t tangible, business owners can fill this gap by providing the audience with zoomable photos to help with decision-making. The benefit of using a professional photograph is that it allows the users to scrutinize the image and helps them determine whether the product meets their needs. 


In the digital marketing world, countless advertising strategies spring up every day, out of which some are here to stay, whereas others are a thing of the past. Among a few methods that haven’t lost their relevance is using images in marketing campaigns. 

Images can express concepts more vividly than words. But, the purpose is to use high-quality photos that align with the brand’s image and connect with the target audience. 

From increasing engagements and sales to improving Google rankings, image-based content benefits the business and the audience.