The benefits of multi-slide die casting machine

This machine is very popular in the field of automotive. Multi-slide die casting machine is a machine very useful in small-scale production. In this machine, the molten metal of die casting is formed by a thin-walled mould and then stored in a tank. Multiple dies are used for each different product size you wish to make. The dies are moved into position by mechanical actuators driven by an electric motor or high-capacity industrial air compressor. When one die is positioned below another, it forms a thin shell around it and fills with molten metal until there is no air left in the cavity between these two dies. This process continues until all cavities have been filled with metal. The cooling parts from every die casting occupy an identical space which also forms an identical shape after they have cooled down completely. Benefits of this machine include;

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  1. The accuracy of this machine

This machine can make products between 1mm-8mm in diameter and every size is precise. The diameter is also precise when you make it in a small quantity because the production quantity might not be a hundred pieces for each product so the error rate will be lower than when you make a lot of pieces for one product. And it is easier for you to design and make products in small quantities

  1. Cost-effectiveness of this machine

The cost of the equipment, capital investment, and staff training are very low when you use this machine. In fact, it is useful for small enterprises in manufacturing as well as large enterprises. The main benefit of this machine is that the less time spent on casting, and the more time spent on new product development, or increasing efficiency in other departments. You can produce a lot of products with low labour costs.

  1. Mould preparation

To make multi slide die casting machine you can use the following steps to make moulds for these machines. The first step is to prepare a one-piece pattern and two split patterns for each product. Then take a steel block with the required dimensions and shape, along with water and slurry or a core box to produce the undercuts of your design in the mould. These are then baked at high temperature so that they are hardened, cooled and then machined to size so that they would be able to be used in making patterns for the die castings by multi-slide dies machines.

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  1. Utilizing this machine

The main reason you want to make products with multi-slide die machines is because of the high quality and low cost of your products. This machine can be used in creating replicas for both prototypes and production. You can also make samples for new designs in order to see if they have any flaws or not. The process of this machine makes it very accurate even though you have made a thousand pieces, each piece will be identical but there are some minor changes in between the imitation because of the size variation and so on.

In conclusion, 1.The design of this machine

This machine is easy to use, a multi-slide die casting machine is available in various sizes, shapes and designs to suit your needs. Multi-slide die casting machine is an ideal choice of the best industrial equipment for the production of many small copies of the moulds. This machine can also be used in making multi slide dies castings for different products for making prototypes or even for mass production purposes.