Surviving Economic Downfall – 5 New Business Ideas to Benefit From

The current pandemic has resulted in a drastic economic downfall across the globe. People are hard-pressed to meet their ends and looking for creative ways to make money with fewer risk factors.

Thankfully, today technology has introduced numerous new ways to start a business without needing hefty upfront costs for logistics, marketing, or other miscellaneous resources. These businesses need small capital investment, boosting the prospects for small startups and bootstrappers interested in an opportunity.

Besides a solid idea, gathering the right team, devising a sound marketing plan, and providing top-notch customer support are crucial aspects. However, with efficient planning and strategic implementation of assets, you can reduce the startup cost significantly.

Let’s discuss some of the most fruitful ideas to kick start a small business with a minimum budget.

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1 – Customized Products

The trend of customized themes in parties and events is gaining popularity worldwide. It puts in demand the business of personalized products and various accessories. A creative approach in your designs will increase your chances to outsell your competitors.  

Provide customized products in either clothing category or even shoes. Additionally, you can dive into options of customized hats, tote bags, phone cases, and other accessories for your customers. Keep in mind that your business’s success would depend mainly on your creative abilities, the quality of your product, and your customer service. 

But, if you are not a designer yourself, you can easily hire a creative designer. You can further expand the team and hire human resource professionals having MSA degree jobs skills and expertise. Plus, you will need other individuals for the team to look after operations, administration, etc.  

2 – Create Your Own Digital Products

Technology has enabled people worldwide to display their talent to a global audience and earn money for their work. Now you can create your music, design custom courses, provide unique templates for digital businesses or mobile applications for users. For any of such business activities, all you need is a computer and a small budget to market your product to a sizeable audience.

To begin your planning, discover whether or not your digital product would be a success. You can think of ideas that could solve a problem for your target audience or have a compelling element in it. Ensure that your representation and marketing are equally good as your idea. 

3 – Start a Charitable Organization

There could be no better way to play your part in the world’s betterment than to start a nonprofit organization, but it is not the only way. Another great way to do so is to create a mission that aligns with your objectives and enables you to set aside a portion of your profits for a social cause. It can help entrepreneurs boost their earnings by positioning the philanthropic business in the market and addressing social problems. 

Many social entrepreneurs use their original products and services to collaborate with nonprofit organizations addressing community issues. As a social business owner, you can take inspiration from small businesses to play your part in social reforms. Create a blog post that covers your business activities and work on the community and the real-time impacts on the people. Undoubtedly, one can establish a business that seeks to aid the community and elicit donations for its operations from high-profile donors. Many people call such a business a “social business,” which was Muhammad Yunus’s brainchild. 

4 – Sell a Service

Offering your services is perhaps the most lucrative and efficient way to attain self-employment. If you opt to go with this plan, time will be your most significant investment and asset. If you have skills that the market demands, a few hours a day will be enough for you. 

That is the reason why people with mundane yet odd jobs successfully do a business. For instance, dog-walking services, vets, SEO consultants, real estate professionals, and cleaning service providers. 

It is an effective strategy to help businesses expand their services and boost revenues only with some productivity.

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5 – Sell Handcrafted Goods from Home

Suppose you possess the capability to make nifty handcrafted goods. In that case, you are in a position to launch a business that would have zero risk factors involved. From pottery, saucers, paintings to captivating gift items, anything could give you lucrative sales if people like your artistry and creativity.

But just like every other business, you must maintain customer support and consistent quality for long-lasting success. Ensure you are using a suitable marketing medium, such as Pinterest, Instagram, or Facebook, to give you instant results with a scalable budget. 


If you are still unsure about your business idea or want to try something unique, take your time to brainstorm further. It is better to write down the business idea as soon as it emerges in your mind and build a mind map around it. Explore the internet, see what’s selling already in your community, and look for ways to improvise on that.