Understanding the Details of Social Insurance Number.

What is SIN number? What is Social Insurance Number Identifier?

In this article you will find all answer for all of your queries.In county Canada, SIN stands for Social Insurance Number. It is very similar to the SSN number in the US and UID in India.

A Social Insurance Number is a number given to benefit different public schemes in Canada. In the reign of both the Canada Pension Plan and the various employment insurance projects, it was established in 1964 to act as the user account number.

In 1967, for tax reporting uses, Revenue Canada (currently known as the Canada Revenue Agency) began to use the SIN. Employment and Social Development Canada (formerly Development of Human Resources Canada) issues SINs.  Social Insurance Numbers is long period existence. It is mainly used for the attribute of tax.

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Social Insurance Number Format

In the Following Article all details of SIN Format are Mention:

  • If you are a citizen for just a temporary period, student or recipient of an open work license. Your SIN number would begins with “9” so that employers can identify quickly.
  • It is not required to update your SIN number if your visa expires. In such a case, your visa only needs to be extended.
  • When you come into the status of PR, a new number without “9” is issued.

The social insurance number is required whenever you want a job in Canada; you must have this 9 digit SIN number. This will also enable you to obtain the advantages and schemes of the Canadian government that are also helpful to Canadians.

Social Insurance Number card is formatted as 3 different digit band sets:

  1. 123
  2. 456
  3. 789

The central agency issues social insurance numbers. And you can check status online with SIN number generator.

The very first three (3) digits of the social security number of an individual are decided by the ZIP code of registration ie. The mailing address displayed on the form of the Social insurance Number request.

The Office Accountable for SIN Number

Throughout the time, the cover of the card changed. The office accountable for the SIN card change is:•

  • Manpower and Immigration
  • Employment and Immigration Canada
  • Human Resources Development Canada
  • Government of Canada

Basic Rules to Carry Social Insurance Number

  • You are entirely liable for it after the SIN number is given.
  • No one else can use it, just issuer have the right to take benefit.
  • The SIN number must be kept in a safe place.
  • Keep in mind that the SIN number can be carried by printing on a plastic card.
  • If you issue SIN, they will send through the post to your postal address. If you have a newborn kid, the Newborn Registration Service must Social Insurance Number apply.

Process for Social Insurance Number Apply

It is an easy way to get your SIN number by filling for Social Insurance Number application form online and take an appointment with Service Canada Center.

You can find information about their address by visiting the official website of Canadian immigration.

  1. You will be demanded to show the primary evidence of identification documents will be required.
  2. You must either write the paperwork in English or French.
  3. Printed copies will not be recognized.
  4. If you are a non-Canadian citizen, you must present and demonstrate that you have a present and up-to-date passport.
  5. Anyone can check SIN number status online.

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Process for Social Insurance Number Application form for Permanent Residents

If you are a long-standing permanent resident, the following papers will need to be shown:

  • A permanent card for citizens: The CIC, Nationality, and Immigration Canada should deliver the same.
  • Permanent Residency Validation: This is what the CIC concerns. You would require a passport or a driving license as a Canadian driver issued by a provincial government, for instance. It offers an alternative identification with an actual picture.
  • Permanent Residence Confirmation is approved for up to one year once you become a permanent resident. After that time, you will have to use the permanent resident’s card.
  • There use to have a landing verification before June 28th, provided by Residency and Immigration Canada.
  • You may also require a landing verification. The CIC released this. This would only be permissible if you demand to modify your SIN or if you want the approval of a current SIN.
  • The CIC issues status confirmation. Again, this is only accepted if your SIN requires modified or clarification of the new SIN is required.

SIN For Temporary Residents

Steps to follow to issue Social Insurance Number application form for Temporary Residents

  • Temporary resident will require a profession grant from CIC, Nationality, and Immigration Canada job license.
  • Temporary resident must have a license to practice, released by CIC, Immigration and Residency Canada. This can be indeed a permit to study that provides for learners who “could accept a job” or “may serve job” during their participation at university, or a certificate from the CIC given before June 28th, 2002, “confirmation to work off-campus.” This is to verify that a modified research license can be applied for.
  • Temporary resident may need a CIC Visitor Record declaring you are permitted to perform jobs in Canada. You may also require the visitor Record provided under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations 186 or 187 may also be required.

Additionally, you will require Visitor Record from the repealed Immigration Act. You can also get a Visitor History from a member of the ministry.

  • A Diplomatic Identity Card can also be obtained along with a related point of employment authorization. This is published by Canada for International affairs, Trade and Growth.

Proof of Identity Documents

You will have to offer to support all legal documentation the name on your primary identification document like your passport has been altered or is unique. These are approved documents cover:

  • A marriage record, marriage declaration or documents after you get married, solemnizing matrimony with your family name. Please notice that this is not relevant in Quebec after you were wedded on 1 April 1981.
  • An application from Court or Legal Modify of naming Certificate. A certificate of notarial adoption, or a license of notarial approval. This is produced for a child that is adopted overseas by the initial nation.
  • An application to modify the Landing Record. Residency and Immigration Canada CIC issues it. This is to change either the permanent settlers ‘ notification or the landing document.
  • Divorce Decree papers are not recognized from elsewhere in Canada.

A SIN Application for Another Person.

  • This is at a Service Canada point of assistance for parents or guardians practicing for a Sin Application for kids under the age of 12. This should cover the following:
  • Individual identity certificates for evidence of the child.
  • You have to display your photo ID or the identical government ID provided with a valid staff identity.
  • An actual certificate or licensed copy stating and confirming that you are the primary caretaker, issued by of a state or territory of Canada. A notarized will is admissible if it is Québec.
  • You can get a letter of authorization from a country or state, indicating that you are the legal guardian or guardian of a baby, if you are a provincial employee. It is not necessary for court-appointed attorneys or persons appointed by the court.
  • Printed copies are eventually unacceptable.

Some Further Important Points.

  • You must: If you come from the other country, and your documents are not printed in French or English, you must do so.
  • An official report transliterated by the public registrar must be attested, by an agent for the foreign government, or by a British Consulate or Canadian officer.
  • As portion of a SIN letter, the majority of birth documents and comparable records will be allowed but may not be accepted in certain conditions. The papers must be reviewed by Service Canada.

If Your SIN Information has been Lost.

The safest thing that can do is reach to the police in Canada. Review all your bank records, loan card information, and so on, to see if any problems occur. Service Canada can receive a new number.


Must be wondering why what is SIN number any why so important?

  • The SIN is becoming a national identification number with the use, much the same as the Social Security Number in the U.S. In contrast to the US, though, in Canada, specific legislative measures can be claimed for the purpose of SINs. It’s not only a certificate of identification.
  • Until an institution can prove that the justification that it requests the SIN of an employee is explicitly allowed by law or that no alternate solution identifiers are sufficient to make the transaction, it could not reject or deny a good or service on the basis that it refuses to provide a SIN.
  • From the year 1960s to the 1980s, when service numbers were brought back, the Canadian army was using the SIN as a type of unique identifier. Throughout this period, military identification was labeled with the SIN, such as ID cards and identity disks.

Temporary SINs

By now you must have understood what is SIN number but what if issued to temporary visa holder.

  • Social insurance numbers starting with only the “9” number are awarded to temporary citizens who’re not Canadian nationals or legal residents (e.g., foreign students, working visas).
  • Often, to perform a job in Canada, these people need work approval. SINs starting with a “9” varies from SINs given to citizens and legal residents passport holder because they have an expiration date (generally coinciding with the expiry of the work visa of the recipient).
  • Until an expiration date is entered on the card and the time has not progressed, these SINs will be void.

You have Private Social Insurance Number (SIN)

If your SIN goes to the inappropriate hands, private data could be obtained, and your privacy invaded.

If the SIN is not connected to you as its legitimate proprietor, your public advantages, tax refunds or bank transfers could be received by another individual.

By Social Insurance Number SCAM, they can disclose your private data to unauthorized individuals, which could cause identity theft and other forms of fraud.

If anybody is using your SIN and work illegally or get money. Then the individual may experience suffering. You might be obliged to pay increased taxes for income you didn’t understand, or you might have trouble getting cash because somebody might have spoiled your credit rating.

There are a lot of points, by which you can guard your Social Insurance Number Canada:

  • Only present your SIN when you realize it is legally obligated.
  • Place any papers carrying your SIN and private data in a protected area — don’t hold it with you.
  • Contact service Canada, if you modify your name, if your temporary residency status returns to permanent citizen status, or if your SIN record is inaccurate or outdated.
  • Take instant action to safeguard your SIN if you think anyone else is using your SIN illegitimately.

Who can Request Your SIN?

Your SIN’s most popular purposes are:

  • The employer’s information.
  • Your revenue tax data
  • The monetary agencies ( e.g., banks, brokerage firms, support firm ) through which you receive interest or earnings.
  • If an organization requests a SIN and it is not obliged legitimately.
  • If you do not think your SIN is necessary, ask reason it’s being demanded, what it will do and with whom it will be communicated.

In Case You Face SCAM of Social Insurance Number Canada

  • Demonstrate that you chose not to include it if your SIN is not needed by legislation. Provide separate identification evidence.
  • In case, until you present you’re SIN, the company refuses to offer the product or service, ask to talk to the responsible person. Many organizations are unfamiliar with suitable SIN uses. Once they know, their procedures may be voluntarily changed.
  • In case, you are not pleased with the reaction from the agency, you may report officially to the Canadian Privacy Commissioner’s Office or 1-800-282-1376. There really is no charge to file a grievance to the Commissioner for Confidentiality.
  • You may also contact the sector partnership, law society or consultative office of the organization. For example, customer complaints about their member companies are handled by the Canadian Marketing Association and the Canadian Banking Ombudsman.

Why would Service Canada not issue fresh Social Insurance Numbers for information breach victims

  • A new number of SIN does not safeguard you against fraud and money laundering.
  • A new Social Insurance Number is not really a new beginning or security against fraud and identification theft.
  • If anyone else takes your previous SIN Number and the company does not verify the status of the person, you may have to demonstrate that you are not engaged in the fraud or pay off the debts of the impersonator.

A New Number of SIN is a Complicated Issue.

  • Only the federal departments and agencies using your SIN Number can issue new Social Insurance Number.
  • It implies that all monetary organizations, creditors, pension agencies, new and existing entrepreneurs, and all other organizations with which you shared your outdated Social Insurance Number must be given your recent unique social insurance number.
  • Not performing or failing to do so risks not getting advantages or opens the door for later fraud or theft of identification
  • You double your surveillance attempts using two social insurance numbers instead of one.
  • A new updated number of Social Insurance will not remove your old name. You, therefore, have to regularly and continuously track your records and credit reports for Social Insurance numbers. This will be burdened for you. The risk of scam is increased by many social insurance numbers.

How to find Social Insurance Number online?

It very simple process for find Social Insurance Number online

  • Fill out the Social Insurance Number Canada Application.
  • The form can be found online from the website of ESDC.
  • You can also call and send ESDC to ESDC (506) 548-7961.
  • The form can not be done in other manner, although this can be done online.
  • With SIN number generator you can check status.

If You Were Fraud-Afflicted

  • If you can show that your SIN has been misused, in this case, you should ask for a different new SIN.
  • A new SIN would, simply safeguard you against fraud or theft of identification. Where anyone else utilizes your old identification SIN,
  • If the company does not verify your identity with the loan officer, you can still be asked by credit borrowers to settle the debt of the impostor. You must exhibit that you have not been engaged in fraud every occasion.
  • You need all of your economic organizations, creditors, pension suppliers, and employers to consult you if we issue a fresh SIN to ask them to renew your documents.

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