Seven K Metals – What To Understand About Investing In Gold Bars?

Investors who want the tangible status and insurance of owning gold may want to purchase gold bars rather than gold ETFs. Gold bullion, or physical investment gold, can be bought at the spot price, which is the price of raw gold plus any fees charged by the vendor. If the economy were to completely collapse, however, physical gold could be sold.

The buying process 

Purchasing actual gold in the form of bars online is a straightforward process. Gold bars can be bought online through authorized dealers. Shoppers interested in purchasing gold bars can do so on reliable e-commerce websites. Gold can be selected according to price, quantity, and weight.

After receiving the gold bars, it’s recommended that they be kept in their original packing and kept in a secure location. It’s important to remember that you’ll probably have to fork over money for delivery costs and insurance.

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Online and in-person purchasing

There are many who would rather buy gold from local sellers so that they can examine the metal with their own eyes and pay in cash. Local stores typically offer higher costs and a lesser selection than their online counterparts.

Due to their larger volume, online gold sellers can provide cheaper prices. The negative is that you’ll have to put in more legwork to track out reliable vendors.

It’s possible that online retailers will provide price reductions to those who purchase in bulk. It’s important to use the most cost-effective payment method possible when shopping online; some stores provide discounts when paying with a credit card, while others offer them when paying with a wire transfer.

Gold bars are also available for bidding on eBay and other online auction platforms. You should check the seller’s feedback before buying gold on the auction website. Be wary of sellers who have received multiple documented negative feedbacks regarding legitimacy, high shipping and handling fees, or inability to fulfill.

Cities like Las Vegas and Dubai even have Gold-to-go ATMs for those looking to acquire gold bars on the fly. Gold ATMs typically charge significantly more than the going market rate for the precious metal, so customers would do well to keep a close eye on the current price of gold. Check out this page

Here’s what you need to think about: 


Those thinking about buying gold bars should give some thought to where and how they will keep them secure. Although gold bars can be stored in a home safe, many investors choose to have their gold stored in a bank safe deposit box or with a curator. Although these services usually come with a price tag, they offer superior protection to a standard home safe.


If you decide to keep gold at home, you must protect it with an insurance coverage. Your gold may be lost forever if it is stolen or if a natural disaster strikes. Not only are safe deposit boxes not FDIC-insured like bank deposits, but they are not insured at all.


Gold bars intended for investment purposes should have a purity of at least 99.5% (995). The remaining portion is the alloy that allows for smelting, which is often silver or copper.

Investors in gold bullion should only purchase bars that clearly display the bar’s manufacturer, purity and weight. 


When purchasing gold bars, customers should think about how quickly and easily they can sell their investment.

If an individual has $14,000 to invest in gold bullion and gold is currently selling for $1,400 per ounce, they are better off purchasing 10 individual 1 ounce bars than a single 10-ounce bar. The 1-ounce bars can be sold in increments as needed, whereas a buyer for the 10-ounce bar may be more difficult to find in a hurry. For this reason, investors may wait until they have enough money to purchase bars of a more respectable size than the standard gram.

Gold can be purchased not only in the form of coins and bars, but also in the shape of jewelry. In most cases, the high cost of production and retail distribution means that gold jewelry is offered at a hefty markup. This is why most people don’t consider jewelry to be a good way to put their money into gold.

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Evaluate various sellers 

When perusing the bullion market, investors would do well to keep in mind the current spot price of gold. Gold prices are typically updated daily on finance websites that feature stock tickers.

Gold is accessible, but prices can range widely due to vendors factoring in their desired profit margin in addition to incidental expenses like authentication certifications, shipping, as well as payment processing fees. The easiest way to get a good deal on gold bars is to look at how much various merchants are charging for them.

Criteria for evaluating a seller

Reputable gold dealers will always be up open about any costs associated with the sale. U.S. buyers should also be cautious when purchasing gold from international vendors. It’s possible that the buyer will have trouble getting the gold through customs depending on the amount they buy, even if the gold bars themselves are real.

Gold is a commodity that has historically shown strong performance for investors during times of economic downturn. In times of economic uncertainty, more people may consider buying gold as a hedge against loss. These times are also peak times for gold scammers. Make sure to check out reviews. For example, 7k metals review complaints and fees convince people that the business is a scam. This isn’t always the case! Through research you need to figure out what’s best for you. 

Summing up

Buying and selling physical gold comes with its own set of fees and markups, as well as the costs of storing and insuring the asset. There may be additional charges for executing the transaction and for investors buying in smaller lots.

Although these fees might not have much of an impact on a person wishing to allocate a relatively small amount of their portfolio to gold, they could prove to be a deal breaker for those looking to increase their exposure.