Safe driving guidelines to follow for reducing Car Insurance premium 

The number of car owners is increasing daily. This poses a challenge to driving four-wheelers on crowded roads. Moreover, the poor road conditions, traffic congestion, development works, etc., increase the complexity. Getting your automobile insured is compulsory to ply on Indian roads. The policy’s objective is to ensure your safety and encourage safe driving. 

The minimal requirement is Third-Party Car Insurance. It assists in handling liabilities incurred towards others when your vehicle gets involved. This usually happens when you get into an accident with a third-party vehicle. The premium for it depends on several factors. The crucial one is your driving record. If you are a responsible driver, you save on the premium amount. Follow these guidelines to avail such benefits:

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Mind the speed limits

When you drive your four-wheeler at high speed, you put your safety at risk. Hence, speed bumps and traffic rules are necessary. Following them keeps you in control. But most drivers disobey the warning signs when in a rush. Going beyond the specified speed limit saves you time. However, it also increases the possibility of accidents. As a result, losses become inevitable, which affects the premium amount. Stay cautious to keep the Car Policy cost in check. 

Avoid drunk driving

Alcohol impairs the reaction time and affects your reflexes. Both of which are crucial to staying focused while driving. Hence, driving under the influence of toxic substances is highly prohibited. It attracts fines and leads to imprisonment. It also impacts the compensation you get under the Car Insurance Policy. If you are drunk, ask a relative or a friend to drive on your behalf. This gives you an edge in filing processable claims and avoiding penalties. 

Use safety gears

The act of driving is followed by taking necessary precautions. Firstly, wear a seat belt. Other safety features include airbags, fire extinguishers, anti-theft alarms, etc. Using them prepares you for unforeseen circumstances. However, restrict the upgradations to protection for getting Car Insurance online at favourable terms. Other aesthetic and functional modifications impact the vehicle’s value, which increases the premium.  

Monitor car condition

Always maintain your vehicle in pristine condition. This is applicable even after buying the policy. This is because insurers change the premium during Car Insurance renewal. They inspect the worn-out parts, tyre pressure, brake system, etc. You get desirable coverage at a lower cost if you have a well-maintained automobile. Hence, regularly monitor the car’s condition and fix its shortcomings. 

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Maintain safe distance

Driving a four-wheeler gets tedious during traffic. Unlike bikes, automobiles cannot swift past the swarm of vehicles. The right way is to wait till the traffic eases before going forward. During the wait time, ensure to maintain a safe distance from the car ahead. The gap builds space to apply brakes without creating impact. You boost your profile as a responsible driver and claim a lower premium on online Car Insurance.  

Follow traffic rules

The mentioned precautions get summed up in traffic rules. If you follow the regulations carefully, you check off the safety requirements. Insurers take note of your responsible driving. Use this in your favour to negotiate a lower premium during Car Policy renewal.  

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