Open up the Global Market with On-Demand Translation

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to broaden their horizon, there is an untapped market in non-English speaking countries, of which there are many. The digital revolution brought the whole world a lot closer and today, we can enjoy real-time video calls with people on the other side of the world, thanks to Voice over Internet Protocol. 

What is global on-demand translation?

The provider has a global network of qualified translators and with more than 500 language pairs, you can communicate with any business owner in real time.

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Here is the process after you register with the global translator service provider;

  • Login and book your translation
  • Accept the invitation to the Zoom call
  • Real time translation can commence.

You might wish to make a business proposal to a Rumanian garment manufacturer, or source products directly from a Chinese factory; book your remote translator who can be fully briefed to facilitate the encounter.

What services do they offer?

Many businesses make good use of the desktop publishing services with accurate translation in a wide range of formats, while they also provide a real-time translation service for VoIP calls and video conferences. Other services include localized promotional translation, video subtitles and audio tracks, all of which are carried out by qualified professionals and your deadlines will be met. Proofreading is another essential service and ordering a service is simple and stress-free and can be booked well in advance. Upload files along with the briefing and your translation will be handled by industry professionals; their goal is to assist you with your project and they take pride in what they do.

Southeast Asia

Many international entrepreneurs have relocated to Southeast Asia and using the global translation services enables you to do business with local factories directly, without the middle-man taking his cut. Countries like Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos have thriving economies and they produce quality products at very low prices. Normally, you would have to buy from a wholesaler who makes about 20%, but with real-time translation, you can have a Zoom call with the factory owner and cut out the wholesaler. Sourcing products from the factory is a smart thing to do and with more than 500 language pairs, the global translation provider has you covered.

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European Countries

The list of non-English speaking countries in Europe is long, and the global translation company has qualified translators from every European nation, all of which speak perfect English. These are countries that are actively looking to make connections with foreign importers and with on-demand real-time translation, you can expand your business opportunities. Here are a few ways that you can protect your business.


The world’s economic tiger, Chinese manufacturers are eager to make direct contact with western wholesalers and retailers and regardless of which dialect they speak, you can have meaningful dialogue and make business connections that pay good dividends.

The coming launch of 5G will improve Internet speeds and using a global on-demand translation service empowers you to reach people of all backgrounds and cultures.