Make Days and Events Unforgettable For Your Family Members

Make Days and Events Unforgettable For Your Family Members

All those who are blessed with a family know the importance of the blessing. They know what God has bestowed upon them. They shall remain forever grateful. Once again, the natural forces have given the blessed souls time and space to nurture their relationships with their family. To rekindle the bond and spend time as the good old days. Days when childhood was free from the chains of online studies when we all could breathe and live like a free bird. The dynamics of living may have changed, but a lot is still there for you to do to make every moment of life unforgettable. 

Here are some ideas to experience the best in this life. 

  1. Decorate Room: On special days and occasions like birthdays, Father’s Day, you can decorate the room for happy vibes and smiles. Engage all your family members except the guest of honour that day in this fun activity. After sprucing up the room, invite the birthday girl/boy or father to give a lovely surprise. Play soft music, pop the party poppers, click pictures, and create memories for a lifetime. Lockdown celebrations will surely be remembered. 
  2. Make Reels: The current obsession of every Instagram user is reels with Bollywood music in the background. If you have siblings or sisters-in-law at home, enjoy your free time making reels. One fun way to strengthen the bond and keep the boredom away. If you have a skill like makeup, drawing, crafts, dance, you can show that in the reel. Let the world know your talent, and you might earn as well. You never know what is planned for you. 
  3. Plan Outings: It’s been so long since you all stepped out of the house. The lockdown restrictions are being eased, and it’s a good opportunity to spend time with your family somewhere outside. Do take all the precautions while you are having fun. Plan a day out at a nearby park. Play games and eat home-cooked meals. You can head to a water park as well because it’s summer-time. Such gatherings will keep the family united and give you memories for a lifetime. 
  4. Video Calls: When you can’t be around you extended family to wish in person. Go for video calls. You can wish the person on a video conference call and make the person feel blessed too! On the call, sing a birthday song or anniversary song. Share talks and giggles. You can ask a person to perform a song or dance in honour of the anniversary couple or birthday person. Save the pictures as a token of memories. 
  5. Give Gifts: On the outer surface, it’s a merchandise, and also the essence of it expresses emotions. Gifts are given to make the person feel that he/she is loved and revered. Some make gifts as a vehicle for their emotions. Give gifts to your family and friends to make their day special. We all feel extraordinary when we receive gifts. Send flowers, cakes, chocolates, personalised gifts, hamper baskets to do the magic. 
  6. Online Shopping: This one activity can make a day unforgettable. With your siblings, parents, or in-laws, you can do it online shopping. Spend hours scrolling through all the nice and trending options and shop them. Sometimes you can let them shop from your card while at times you can ask them to pay for your shopping. You and your family will enjoy such an activity and remember it for long. 

Happiness is not found outside the home. It is found within and with your family members. Rejoice with them, keep them cheerful, and make every moment count and worth remembering. 

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