Loans Online That Helps You Borrow $100

Money problems sometimes catch us by surprise. Most of us have experienced losing a job because of the pandemic, a reality that’s so hard to swallow, especially if you have too many bills to pay. But we have learned to survive even if it means going out of our way to find another source of income or borrowing money to cover our most pressing expenses. 

Loans have become popular since the pandemic. Just being able to borrow a 100-dollar is already a big help to many of us trying to get by in such a difficult time. If you’re planning to borrow a small amount of cash to cover urgent expenses, consider these loan options. 

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Online Payday Loans

Many consumers resort to taking online payday loans when they urgently need to borrow money. For borrowers with poor credit, online payday loans can be a blessing in disguise. Most lenders that offer such loans aren’t too fussy with credit checks, making high-risk borrowers hopeful of getting a loan. 

However, you must tread lightly when you’re planning to get payday loans lest you get victimized by predatory lenders. High annual percentage rates are also one of the downsides of payday loans. Make sure to find trustworthy payday lenders online and take note of this advice by the therebelchick when applying for a payday loan. 

Online Personal Loans

Another great option if you want to borrow $100 is taking an online personal loan. Many online lenders – especially those operating in a peer-to-peer network – provide personal loans with flexible terms and affordable APRs. 

Online personal loans are good for covering expenses, including car repairs, house rent, medical bills, and utility bills. Borrowers of this type of loan also have the advantage of not putting collateral against the money they borrow. Plus, due to the online application process, getting this loan is quick and easy. 

However, you might need to be creditworthy to take an online personal loan. Some lenders require that you have a good credit score before you can borrow money.

Title Loans

You can borrow money by using your car title as a security for the loan. Of course, it means that failing to repay the loan, the lender takes your car. But getting a title loan is a convenient way to borrow instant cash as long as you have a car title at hand to put as collateral. 

The cash amount that you can borrow through a title loan depends on the value of your vehicle. But you can take a smaller loan amount than what your lender assessed. In this way, it will be easier for you to repay the loan. 

Just a tip before you plan to get a title loan. It won’t be wise on your part to take this loan if your car is very useful to you. The risk of losing your car if you fail to repay what you owe is a crucial issue to consider before getting this loan. 

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Pawnshop Loans

Pawnshop loans are secured loans that enable you to borrow cash with no hassle. No need for credit assessment as long as you can offer a valuable item as a security for the cash amount you borrow. A piece of jewelry, a gadget, a designer bag can serve as collateral against the loan. 

Credit Card Cash Advances

Credit card companies allow their customers to get a cash advance. It means that you can withdraw cash from your credit card account. The money can be accessed through an ATM withdrawal or digital transfer. You can also visit the credit card company’s office to get the cash. 

Opting for a credit card cash advance can be a costly option. You’re likely to pay a high annual percentage rate and fee if you choose a credit card cash advance. If you want to use this alternative to borrow money, do it only as a last resort. Also, don’t use this option frequently. 


You can get loans that enable you to borrow small cash amounts nowadays. For instance, if you need $100 for some important purchases, you can consider getting a title loan, an online personal, a payday loan, a pawnshop loan, or a credit card cash advance for that purpose.