Laptop Insurance: Coverage, Claim & Exclusions


Your gadgets are your need in this growing digital world. So, opting for gadget insurance is quite necessary which further involves, cell phone insurance, laptop insurance, tablets insurance, etc. As Laptops are used quite profoundly in schools and colleges as well and moreover in professional life too. As it is a costly device that comes up with lots of features and information involved, which leads us to the need for ensuring our laptop devices.

What is Laptop Insurance?

Any mechanical or technical failure or any kind of accidental damage that is caused to the laptop can usher to hefty monetary losses due to its renovation or mend up or some allied business to any person. To dodge such kind of complications, you should contemplate getting yourself laptop insurance in order to protect your device. As laptop insurances provide the financial protection to your device against any kind of ‘[theft, or some loss or vandalism to it which is surely needed.

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Laptop insurance provides us with coverage for laptop devices that deals with various risks. The various risks include theft, some sort of liquid spills, fire, and accidental damage which further involve electrically operated and mechanical failure.

What does a laptop insurance cover?

You need to carefully choose insurance for laptop to protect it from any damage. Thus, in order to manage the risks involved the coverage propounded by laptop insurance includes:

  • laptops Screens which are vulnerable to cracks and damage and these damage is most probably covered under the normal insurance plan
  • Some of the Electrical operated and mechanical failures are also covered
  • It covers mostly all the representation manufacturers of laptop . These manufacturers include Lenovo
  • laptop, Apple company laptop, laptops of HP, Dell, Acer, Sony laptop, Samsung, and Toshiba laptops, etc.
  • Theft, larceny or some loss
  • Adventitious and some liquid damage
  • Worldwide cover that involves taking your laptop with you abroad

Further, A more detailed laptop policy may also comprehend insurance cover for the following:

  • The Loss prevailed or happened
  • The cracks on laptop Screen
  • Replacement of the laptop
  • Unauthorized usage of the laptop it also applies in case your laptop is lost or stolen
  • spiteful damage
  • Short circuit caused to the laptop
  • some kind of Operating error in the laptop
  • Fire
  • E-wallet cover applies in case your e-wallet is used by someone else expect you
  • The family cover helps you cover up for your immediate family’s gadgets

Exclusions of Laptop insurance

However, this insurance does not cover certain situations. As all policies come with exclusions or limitations. Some of the cases not covered under laptop insurance are:

  • Not buying the right type of cover for your laptop or device
  • Claiming for normal wear and tear
  • The policy excess was more than the claim being made
  • The Normal maintenance of the laptop

Important Aspects to be noted when buying laptop insurance:

  • Coverage varies from company to company
  • Premium usually depends on the cost of the laptop
  • With a little extra cost, you can get add-on covers

How Much is the Cost of Laptop insurance?

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The cost of insurance for laptop varies from person to person as well as the number of factors affecting it which includes:

  • What is the worth of your laptop
  • Your age
  • Your laptop age
  • Your address or place of residence
  • claims history of the laptop
  • In case you need the laptop insurance outside your home
  • Additional benefits laptop insurance

Why do I need laptop insurance?

As we know laptops are expensive devices that allure thieves and moreover, they contain a complexly detailed network of fragile parts of the laptop that can be damaged easily. Thus, when opting for progressive laptop insurance means that you will have to pay for a whole new laptop in case of its loss or theft or some sort of accidental damage caused to the laptop or in case there is laptop insurance theft.

Do laptop insurance cover you up for the accidental damage done?

Most of the laptop insurance policies will provide you cover for the accidental damage done to your laptop, in case you have dropped it onto some solid material or spill out some water onto it. Though, the damage done to the laptop should be considered and affected the functioning of the laptop. You will not be provided cover against any of the scratches, dents on your laptop, but you will definitely be provided cover in case of the damaged screens of laptop, ports, and keys of the laptop as well as equipment malfunction that is caused by an accident to the laptop.

How Laptop Insurance Functions?

  • You need to analyze your business and try to figure out the dependency on the laptop of the business
  • You need to understand the risk of the laptop?
  • Even before polishing off the laptop insurance, you should take a look at the documents
  • In order to file the claims for loss of a laptop, an FIR copy should be submitted as a proof
  • You need to bestow the required documents with the laptop claim.
  • The case will be evaluated by the insurance provider company and the necessary decisions will be taken up for the acceptance or the rejection of the same.

Documents Required for Claim Process

  • You need to embellish some of the required documents on time in order to get the claim on your laptop. For this the required documents are as:
  • An FIR copy with ID proof of the purchaser of the laptop should be provided with the duly filled up claim form, in case of loss of the laptop
  • For other laptop claims, you only need a duly filled up laptop claim form
  • The devastated laptop picture should be provided with its serial number mentioned
  • You will also need ID proof of laptop purchaser
  • In the case of Apple devices, you will need, a screenshot or disabled laptop picture

Best Buy Laptop Insurance

With the increasing digitalization and use of ultrabooks, MacBooks, notebooks, etc the need to get a laptop insurance protection plan has become important. There exists a variety of laptop insurance plans to choose from. While some of the best laptop insurance providers for your reference are:

  • Trusted insurances
  • Gadget Cover
  • Protect Your Bubble
  • Gadget insurance
  • helpucover

1. Trusted Insurances

With Trusted Insurances, you can safeguard all your gadgets as it offers you four plans specially designed for personal use, use of students, business purpose and for the family people. Further, it offers the best value for safeguarding your one to three devices.


  • You can make unlimited claims.
  • The number of accidental destruction or larceny or loss of the claims in a year has no specified limit.
  • The Trusted Insurances engineers are moderately trained for the repair work and the latest technology offered by the company to make sure that your laptop functions well when it is returned back to the customer.
  • The engineers only use eminence parts for the replacement purpose of the laptop.
  • A free collect, as well as return service, is provided to your doorstep
  • More than 93{367c01af22dc6c3a8611ff25983b0f0a247ed9fc1c45fd9103ad49b47a0c5f39} of the claims are fully functioned and assessed.
  • The replacements are provided for a time frame of nearly 12-months warranty.

You can purchase Insurances for your laptop from Trusted Insurances.

2. Gadget Cover

Gadget Cover is a stand-alone plan that makes sure that you are covered and comes with a low excess fee. It has a UK based customer support. Thus, laptop insurance reviews are based on UK customers. Moreover, Gadget Cover offers protection against or coverage against accidental damage, liquid damage, breakdown, theft, unauthorized usage of the device, loss, accessories, worldwide cover, and family cover, as well as the E-wallet cover.


  • You will get one month free of annual policies.
  • You get an unlimited number of claims.
  • There is free collect-return of the laptop.
  • The plan provides a 14-day money-back guarantee.

You can purchase Insurances for your laptop from the official website of Gadget Cover.

Protect Your Bubble

Protect Your Bubble insurance, let you protect more gadgets including your laptop. It covers robbery, liquid damage done to the laptop, cracked screens and many other similar issues. The insurance company repairs over 1,700 gadgets per month with same-day cover.


  • Unlimited repairs are available for you.
  • You can receive a multi-gadget discount by the company.
  • You have an option to make your payments on monthly or annually as per your suitability.
  • In order to purchase the policy, your age should be 18 or older.
  • The laptop must have been purchased directly from a manufacturer or through some network provider, but it should not be from an online outlet in case of a refurbished product
  • There is no limit to file the claim.
  • There exists a limit of two theft or loss claims per year.

You can purchase Insurances for your laptop from the official website of Protect Your Bubble insurances.

4. Gadget Insurance

Gadget Insurance helps you to protect your most prized possessions or the items from your phones, and the digital cameras as well as from your laptops with their offered marvelous services. It offers cover for unintentional damage, or the liquid damage, and burglary.


  • Single 12-month period of insurance covers you up for The 90 days Worldwide insurance Cover
  • The gadget insurance pack offers to provide protection all over the world.
  • A varying range of excesses is there in home insurance policy.
  • Some other benefits that vary with plans opted for are provided by the company.

You can purchase Insurances for your laptop from the official website of Gadget Insurance.

5. Helpucover

Helpucover offers the opportunity to register an unlimited number of items. It offers protection against loss or burglary, unintentional damage and mechanical failure. Moreover, when there is no cover under the policy, a deferred period of 14 days is involved in the policy.


  • There is no registration required.
  • The helpucover for laptop provides for the laptop items owned by you as well as your family members.
  • You will be getting up a 90 days worldwide cover
  • For a rolling period of about 12 month period you can get a successful claim
  • The number of items covered in the insurance premium has no limit in all.

You can purchase Insurances for your laptop from the official website of Helpucover.

Further, laptop insurances can be clubbed up in different categories that can be:

i) laptop insurance for students:

  • Protect Your Bubble Laptop Insurance
  • Protect Your Bubble MacBook Insurance.
  • Gadget Cover Laptop Insurance.
  • Gadget Cover Multi Gadget Insurance.

ii) laptop accidental damage insurance

  • Gadget Cover Laptop Insurance
  • Protect Your Bubble Laptop Insurance
  • Gadget Cover Multi Gadget Insurance.
  • Simplesurance laptop insurance

iii) Companies providing laptop insurance:

  • hp laptop insurance
  • dell laptop insurance
  • asurion laptop insurance
  • apple laptop insurance

iv) Laptop insurance for travellers

  • Budget Direct
  • Virgin Money
  • Commbank
  • Westpac
  • Covertec

Advantages of Laptop Insurance:

As, gadgets have become an essential part of our life. Thus, getting a laptop insurance is the need. As, it is used from students to professionals and homemakers to everyplace in need of technology. So, some of the benefits of getting a laptop insurance are:

  • Laptop insurance provides coverage for cases that are usually not covered under warranty.
  • Benefits like discounts and offers are offered when renewing the policy cover from an insurance company.
  • Coverage for more than 12 months is provided by some.
  • Door-to-door service is offered to the customers for pick-up and drop of the laptop. Moreover, repairs or reinstatement of laptops are also provided to the policy holder.
  • A ‘no claim bonus’ is also offered by certain companies


Laptop Insurance helps to overcome the loss suffered due to failure or damage by fire, strike,turmoil, theft, unintentional damage or any other case as defined by the insurance provider. As, laptops are expensive, thus the need to get them insured is financially wise. Laptop Insurance covers has its own terms and conditions which vary according to the insurance company and the laptop usage and specifications. As well as, has its own coverage and exclusions.


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