Kriyya`s Hair Wigs Collection

When it comes to wigs, you really have to make sure they fit your head, otherwise, it lasts all day, which is fully cheap. Although the average size wigs will fit maximum head sizes, it’s important to note that there are multifold less and larger sizes. Maximum wigs will actually come with changeable bindings so you can keep it safe on your head and fit comfortably. To find out what size wigs is right for you, measure the circumference of your head (from the ensuing hairline to the tip of your neck behind your cognizance). We really like Kriyya wigs, because they come in a whole range of different sizes so you can get a really good, single fit 

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Headband Wigs:

This period the headband wigs are a new fashion design, it has a flexible ice silk headband (extremely soft and light) instead of lace, the headband mortal hair wigs are perfect for women who don’t have any annoying rigging. Want, no bond, no gel, and it allows you to effect your own natural hairline as well as a high ponytail or viands. 

 You can also wear other colors/ patterns to hide the real pimple band according to your peculiar taste. It has flexible swatches on the reverse and 4 combs strapped out, so you can wear them without the use of bond, vid or other cements.

Why choose a Headband Wig?

  • Initially friendly, install in less than 2 minutes
  • Quick and easy to wear
  • No glue, no gel, protect your edges well
  • A protective style with no leaves
  • Different styles according to your mood
  • No worries about the hairline after that
  • Can update many fashionable hairstyles, such as buns, ponytails
  • Supernatural look

Curly Hair Wigs:

The curled hair wigs are completed by a Curly darn in weave with a lace check or lace anterior. There are long curled wigs and short curled wigs according to the length of curled hair. Max curled hair wigs are naturally black, with the development of fashion, Kriyya Hair also provides curled wigs and flaxen curled wigs that meet different demands of people. A 13 × 4 lace frontal wigs is a large lace wigs that can cover the entire forepart and produce an entire hairline from observance to observance. 

 The hair on the wigs is 100 natural hair, full hair cuticles. So you can tincture the hair of your choice and allow it. Remy virgin hair including chemical, hair processing, soft, bonsai, luminous, no lice, free shedding and maze. Bleach knots avoid black knots on lace, so it’s really natural. The pre-plucked line has the viscidity of hair in the forepart which is matching to the real hairline. 

Wigs with Bangs:

The curled wigs with bangs is one of the styles that’s presently trending. People are now embracing their natural constitution. When your mortal wigs does not have bangs, you can consider cutting them to shape your desire. But bang is a big decision that you should allow about. There are multifold goods you need to consider. Remember, when you cut lavalieres in curled natural hair wigs, they will always explode.

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lace front wigs

 The mortal hair lace frontal wigs classified as a part of the front lace. This means that part of the head is covered with lace. Full lace wigs cover the entire head area. Lace frontal hairpieces are available in different lace sizes in the request, 13 × 6 lace frontal wigs, 4 × 4 lace frontal wigs. Natural mortal hair is 100 hand- timed and darned into a lace frontal wigs. The alternate piece of human hair lace front wigs for women is made with an unusual protean system outfit. Hair packs are darned into constituents. This deeply flexible device has a gash-resistant capability. A good quality mortal hair wigs can generally last up to a time if used duly with care. 


For freshmen, you can choose a wig that’s easy to wear and mind for. We recommend the headband wigs for you. This is called a “2- jiff wigs”. Of course, you can find the right wigs according to your chapeau size, face shape, hair length, hair color and hair texture. 

 Kriyya Hair has multifold types of earthborn hair wigs and extensions, except for the bones mentioned above, Headband wigs, lace part wigs, and non-lace wigs in any style, color, and length that you can choose when you first buy them. They’re all early compadres’ hair wigs. You can choose the fashionable and suitable Kriyya wigs for you to achieve your natural shape and unique beauty.