Jeep VIN Decoder Guide 

Jeep is one of the few manufacturers in the world that has demonstrated such a dedication to SUVs. This US-based manufacturer specializes in off-road vehicles like SUVs and crossovers.

With the end of WWII, Jeep discovered an absolute gold mine when it started manufacturing SUVs for the military. Globally, the demand for higher ground clearance passenger cars has increased several times. It wasn’t until Chrysler Corporation acquired Jeep in the late 1980s that Jeep started to reveal its true potential. 

Among Stellantis brands in North America, Jeep ranked the highest in profit and popularity in 2021. According to automotive industry experts, Jeep would be worth between $24 and $36 billion if it were to be split from Stellantis, or slightly more than Stellantis’ entire United States division.

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Jeep VIN – what is it?

Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) have been used by Jeep since the 1980s, like any other car manufacturer.

With the help of a clever and practical idea, a 17-digit number has been assigned to each car. The right tools can be used to decode the body number of each vehicle.

Get a realistic picture of the vehicle you’re interested in by viewing data stored in international databases with our Jeep VIN decoder.

What information does a Jeep VIN contain?

It is possible to uncover detailed information about each Jeep vehicle by using its vehicle identification number. A small VIN plate displays the 17-digit code so that Jeep vehicle owners can check it quickly.

Detailed information about the vehicle can be found in the World Manufacturer Identification, Vehicle Descriptor, and Vehicle Indicator sections of the VIN. It is possible to determine the engine type, model year, and transmission type of a Jeep by its VIN number. Moreover, it discloses a variety of useful information.

Here is the information displayed by the Jeep VIN Decoder:

  • Digits 1-3 indicate the country of origin, manufacturer, and geographical area of production
  • Vehicle body/chassis is identified by digits 4-6
  • Body and transmission types are determined by digit 7 of the VIN number
  • A car’s equipment or modification is indicated by the digit 8
  • VIN codes are validated by digit 9
  • The vehicle’s year of manufacture is indicated by the digit 10
  • The vehicle assembly plant is identified by digit 11
  • The serial number of the vehicle is 12-17 digits long

Jeep VIN: Where can I find it?

Different manufacturers will print their VINs on different parts of their vehicles. The dashboard on the driver’s side is the most common location. Under the windshield, you can find it.

If you need to locate the VIN of your vehicle, you can try the following methods:

  • Engine block from the front. The engine should be obvious when you open the hood.
  • Near the windshield washer fluid canister, on the front of the car frame.
  • In the back, there is a wheel well. You can see the tire directly above you if you look up.
  • An interior view of the driver’s side door frame. Look around the door, where the side-view mirror would be if it were closed.
  • Doorpost on the driver’s side. Look near the latching point, near the seatbelt return, when you open the door.
  • The spare tire is located below.

If you are still unable to locate your VIN, please consult your owner’s manual. You will undoubtedly be able to locate the VIN in the manual even though it is unlikely to be recorded there.

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EpicVin VIN decoder works with what Jeep models?

With EpicVin Jeep VIN Decoder, you can decode any model built since the introduction of the current VIN standard in the 1980s.

Over the past 30 years, Jeep has made only minimal changes to its range of SUVs, although it has always emphasized its long tradition of making SUVs. 

Jeep continues to produce classic Jeep models like the Cherokee, Grand Cherokee, and Wrangler. The Jeep Renegade, Compass, and Gladiator are all popular newer models, as well as the Jeep Liberty, Commander, and Patriot. 

What can the Jeep VIN tell you about its history?

SUV enthusiasts can protect themselves from potential scams with the EpicVin Jeep History Check. VIN numbers give you the following information about your Jeep:

  • A car’s mileage may be faked if it has been altered. Due to the enormous scope of car mileage fraud, this is extremely important.
  • The country in which the theft occurred and whether the car is currently wanted by police.
  • A vehicle’s accident history. Insurance companies will record all incidents in the history report.
  • Is the vehicle a taxi or rental?

Jeep has always encouraged adventure in the countryside. The experience can be a lot of fun, but only if you have a roadworthy SUV. Make sure you don’t buy a lemon by using our Jeep VIN decoder tool.