Is Neo (NEO) a Good Investment? – Experts’ View

The scale of popularity of the NEO project can be easily estimated from the fact that it is called the Chinese version of Ethereum. The project takes pride in calling itself a front-runner ecosystem that is aimed to develop the next generation of internet connectivity to empower digital transactions and assets. 

What Is Neo (NEO)?

The project made its foray with the name Antshares in 2014 and subsequently rebranded as Neo in 2017. The team behind the Neo project is working simultaneously on two fronts – one, it is helping to develop the infrastructure for the ecosystem that will ultimately lower the entry barriers, and second, the team is assisting developers in developing decentralized applications by offering affordable and cost-effective tools. 

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History of NEO Coin

One of the most significant aspects of the Neo project is its continuous updation process which has made sure that the network is able to comply with any kind of sudden changes that might happen in the future. In its latest iteration Neo 3.0, the project has made tremendous leaps in terms of its processing ability and security aspect. Another important aspect of the Neo project is that, unlike most of the other blockchain platforms, Neo has two native coins – GAS and NEO. While the former is used in order to pay the transaction fee, the latter is utilized as an investment instrument that also equips token holders with voting rights.  

Growth of NEO Coin So Far

Neo coin is one of the major cryptocurrencies and ranked #24 in terms of its market capitalization. The total supply of Neo coins is pegged at 100 million, and according to the estimate, currently, 70.5 million Neo coins are in circulation. In terms of the overall growth, Neo has been able to impress cryptocurrency experts with its ascent in the value. Contrast the prices of Neo in July 2016 when it was valued at $6 with its today’s value of $122, and one can easily estimate the growth that the coin has delivered to investors. 

Experts View on NEO Coin

Most of the cryptocurrency experts and blockchain specialists agree on the fact that Neo has got some special capabilities, and its potential application to redefine the future of the internet makes it one of the formidable contenders in the cryptocurrency domain. Its scope of application is very wide, and right from the cryptocurrency to blockchain platform to smart contracts. The services offered by the platform can be utilized in a variety of manners. Visit to get all experts’ views on NEO coin.

Is Neo (NEO) a Good Investment?

Investment in Neo coin can turn out to be a good investment option as the blockchain platform is increasingly becoming relevant not only in the Chinese market but also across the globe. Its potentiality is widely acknowledged today. In the future, it is expected that more and more developers will start to patronize the Neo platform due to its better processing capabilities and cost-effective nature. Of course, like other platforms, there are many challenges that the Neo team has to address. If the managing team becomes successful in assuaging the potential users about the platform’s utility, it will turn out to be one of the star performers in the future. 

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Future of NEO Coin

As far as Neo Price Forecast is concerned, there are a variety of predictions available from different platforms. According to the Being Crypto platform, in the time frame of the next five years, Neo’s price might reach the level of $450. On the other hand, Crypto Ground predicts that Neo’s value will be around $196 in the next five-year frame. Another analysis from the house of CoinFan estimates that by the end of the year 2021, Neo could reach the level of $783, which is quite optimistic and bullish when compared against the average of predictions made by other platforms. 

Final Words

Neo represents tremendous opportunities for both developers and investors – there can’t be two ways about it. Its future is full of promise, and if you have the intention to stay put in the cryptocurrency domain for a longer period, then investment in the Neo makes quite a sense from the money-making perspective.