Is it possible to trade Forex without a broker?

Let’s think about how it’s easier to start a new business so that it becomes successful: alone or together with an experienced assistant. Hardly anyone will choose a single path. That’s the same with Forex. It is important to have an assistant who will bring you up to date, help you get the necessary knowledge and show you the best tools for Forex trading. Trading experts say that a broker is an important and necessary element of trading. Forex has its own rules, and you need to follow Forex expert recommendations to start earning.

This is because working with a broker grants traders access to the financial markets. That said, brokers are not created the same, so traders must do thorough research on their fees, products, trading platform, customer support, and more in order to find the right broker for them.

Mistakes of an inexperienced Forex trader

Even professionals are not immune from mistakes, but beginners make them much more often:

  • enter the market without having accumulated enough knowledge;
  • they are in too much of a hurry and drain investments;
  • start trading in the middle of the day when the market is most active;
  • do not have a trading plan or do not follow it;
  • open too many positions;
  • support unprofitable positions;
  • work without a reliable broker.


These mistakes are easy to avoid, but this requires knowledge and experience that a novice trader gets only in the learning process.

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Why is a broker needed for Forex trading?

A broker is not just a company that fulfills all the requirements of a trader. The broker also has an important function. He is responsible. He is reliable and becomes the main assistant of a Forex trader.

  • The first reason why a trader needs to think about finding a reliable broker is a lack of knowledge and experience. When you do not know exactly how Forex works, it is unlikely that you will be able to make really balanced and logical decisions. This will affect your profits. The broker has experience, knowledge and is always happy to share. No need to think that the broker is hiding his secret knowledge. The success of the trader is in his interests, since he receives a commission, and it is strictly proportional to the profit.
  • The second reason is the tools that a reliable broker can offer. New tools are regularly appearing in the world of trading. Some are more useful and can help you make a profit, while the second is a waste of money, time and effort. Brokers follow all the market news, so they know exactly which instruments deserve attention.
  • The third reason is the ability to get 100% statistics and forecasts. As a rule, inexperienced traders are looking for forecasts on the foreign exchange market on the Internet. There are many articles, and they are freely available. But why don’t traders ask themselves who compiled this information. It can be anyone, even a person who absolutely does not understand trading. But the broker knows exactly the truthful and authoritative sources of information. He always collects the most accurate forecasts and provides data to the trader. Once again, the broker needs the trader to become successful, so he is ready to help.

Newcomers do not quite understand what they are doing, believing the advertising about huge profits. Only a few receive such money, and most of them first play in the negative until they “feel” the market. That is why experts advise to start using a small capital and develop your own strategy. Forex trading is not an instant income, but a long work on yourself. A reliable and competent broker can help solve all problems. The broker becomes a guide who leads the trader through all difficulties to success.

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