Is An Offshore Merchant Account The Same As A Business Account?


We all are aware of the business accounts because somehow, we all are related to them. But, things are somewhat different when it comes to offshore merchant accounts. It means that offshore merchant processing is outside your business arena. These are similar to your international merchant accounts and follow the same procedure. The difference between a business account and an offshore merchant account is that the latter is for those businesses involved in high-risk operations. These merchant accounts are specifically for Kratom-related business. Since there are no codified rules and regulations relating to Kratom, we need a personalized and safe bank account for all our transactions. Thus, individuals involved in these businesses are aware of the same and comply with them to the fullest. Today, our focus will cover all the essential details regarding an offshore merchant account. The article will help you determine the differences between the two. 

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Things Needed For Having An Offshore Merchant Account

Before starting with the main discussion, we must know how to open it. These things will help you open a bank account easily without facing any difficulty. These determinants are-

  • A compelling, government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license
  • A blank check
  • Three months of the most up-to-date bank statements
  • Three months of the contemporary processing statements, if relevant
  • An SSN (Social Security Number) furthermore, EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • Chargebacks must be beneath 2%
  • It would be best to have a secure, fully operational website.

If you have all these things with you, you are ready to open an offshore merchant account.

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Why Do We Need An Offshore Merchant Account?

A question comes to our mind, why is it necessary to go for it when you already have a business account? The difference between the two is vast and worth talking about if you deal with a high-risk business. If you are looking to accept payment in your local currency, it is indispensable to open an offshore merchant account. The facility of operating your business in local currency is not there with your usual business account. 

Suppose you conduct a business in different parts of the world and have only one merchant account. Then, you can’t manage all your transactions. But, if you open an offshore merchant account without anything else, you will be the one having your transactions in one place. There is no need to open several business accounts to carry out your operations. But only a single offshore merchant account will do your purpose.

Next, when you do a high-risk business, your business account might not be reliable to give you all the necessary facilities you need. For this, you have to own an offshore merchant account and carry out your transactions. The traditional high-risk card processors are not easy to operate and also might not prove fruitful. But, if you own an offshore business account, everything will be possible, and you do not have to waste any time or your money. 

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It is the solution for all your international business-related queries. If you possess an internet-based company dealing with global transactions, it is imperative to own this account. You will get tax liability reduction and other essential subsidies without worrying about anything else. When you have a traditional business account, opening an international bank account takes much time. Not only this, you might have to face a few difficulties while dealing with the same. But, when you own an offshore business account, you get the facility of customer care services that will solve all your queries and help you deal with all the situations in all manner. 

In addition, ordinary accounts are not suitable for those having transactions out of the country. The reason is that the transactions done with the help of usual statements, do not let your business grow. You get indulged in a few things that are not your priority. But, when you have it, it tracks the record and does not let your business hamper in any manner. Otherwise, your money might not be in safe hands and might get confiscated. For all these reasons, it becomes necessary to open up the said account.

Benefits Of An Offshore Merchant Account

The main benefit of it is that you can accept payment from your credit card for transactions outside your jurisdictions. Thus, it serves as a boon for e-commerce industries that can carry out transactions on any site like Amazon, PayPal, and more. So, we will provide you with insight into all the benefits of the offshore merchant account. Let us see the list in detail. 

  • Lower tax responsibility than with a domestic merchant account.
  • Allow profits to expand offshore – tax-free! Isn’t it great that you will not need a single penny to do this?
  • You can set up the accounts in virtually any currency of your choice.
  • It will help you open all your credit cards with the help of it.
  • Processing of transactions is easy. You get all the details regarding your transactions without facing any issues.
  • You will get permission with extraordinary transaction volumes.
  • You can easily integrate all the payments with your existing e-commerce website.
  • You can also manage all your accounts online without downtime.
  • The geographic section of actual business is unnecessary.
  • Higher-risk businesses are also reliable. You can carry out these businesses without worrying about anything else.
  • No upfront deposits except on remarkably high-risk businesses.

There are other benefits also that you get out of these accounts. These benefits are only illustrative and not exhaustive. It would be best to keep an eye on the recent updates and news that highlight the uses of offshore merchant accounts.


So, you see, there are numerous differences between the usual account and an offshore business account. At the same time, the benefits are also diverse and make your business grow to a great extent. These benefits are not there in any other account. Be it a merchant account or business account. All these are limited to carrying out transactions but not tracking the same. But, if you open an offshore business account, you get a wide range of advantages without facing any difficulty. So, it would be best to go for these accounts if you are involved in a high-risk business. You get numerous benefits and achieve the ease of doing business. All these facilities and perks are not available with your usual business accounts.