Instagram Follower Increasing Methods: A complete guide 

Instagram might be a highly targeted visual marketing medium for your brand, as well as an opportunity to build a loyal following that grows alongside your business.

In actuality, Instagram is used by over 500 million people every day, making it one of the platforms with the most active user populations.

In this video, we’ll show you how to build your Instagram follower profile, increase interaction, and acquire a big following over timeone made up completely of genuine individuals, not bots or phony followers.

  1. Include reels in your material mix

Reels are short videos that may be shared with your Instagram followers. They have tools for audio, video, and effects. You may share them on your feed and publicly on Instagram Explore to reach new audiences.

Reels are unexplored territory for brands. Kristie Dash, Instagram’s beauty partnerships manager, stated in a Glossy forum that there is no one recipe for success with Reels.

  1. Disseminate related material

Cross-promotion means sharing relevant content across many social media networks. It is a method for conserving time and resources. 

It also works effectively for growing an Instagram audience and increasing brand recognition.

Video and entertainment apps are becoming increasingly popular among mobile users, with video content on social networking platforms witnessing the most growth. 

You want to boost the number of people who see your Instagram post, whether it’s a fast tutorial or a thorough one.

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  1. Modify your profile’s grid

The bulk of your Instagram followers will follow you because of upcoming postings rather than previous material. Your audience is interested in what they will get if they click the Follow button.

A feed with a consistent publication schedule and a consistent theme may help you gain followers just as much as many of the other growth strategies we’ve examined thus far. 

Any pattern, no matter how simple, can attract new followers as long as it is immediately visible to everyone who reads your profile.

  1. Collaborate with brand ambassadors

Don’t want to spend a fortune employing a celebrity influencer to market your company? Work with brand ambassadors that have a few hundred to a few thousand followers. 

Ambassadors are people that genuinely believe in your company, support it, and will spread the word about it to others.

Sarah Flint, an upmarket shoe store, cites success with over 500 women engaging in its brand ambassador programme. 

Each ambassador is given a unique discount code that, when used by five new customers, rewards them to a free pair of Sarah Flint shoes.

  1. Increase the number of people who join your loyalty programme

Retailers are increasingly implementing loyalty programmes to encourage customers to prefer their brand over competitors. 

It has been successful for brands such as Blume and Sephora. Brands are taking advantage of loyalty programmes by rewarding Instagram followers with gifts.

When the luxury retailer’s rewards programme, RM Rewards, was created, consumers who followed Rebecca Minkoff on Instagram could receive points. 

Many businesses, including Blume, recognize the value in paying for Instagram followers. Instead of using Facebook or Twitter, programme members may earn Blume Bucks by adding each other as Instagram friends.

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  1. Use your personal Instagram account to promote

Growing your own account is another popular method for increasing your Instagram followingessentially, make yourself the influencer. 

Using both your personal and company accounts may help you increase income, followers, and brand visibility. Pro tip: Use this strategy on TikTok as well to boost your stats.

  1. Obtain feature accounts

Instagram feature accounts are paging that curate the best content in a specific topic. They are akin to “best of” picture publications in the business. 

Some feature accounts have a large following. New Instagram followers may follow you if you are highlighted on the account.

  1. Select relevant hashtags

Your Instagram goal should be to consistently engage your current audience while also obtaining new followers. 

The first criterion will be accomplished by sharing new, interesting, and engaging photographs; nevertheless, hash tagging your images is essential if you want to begin expanding. 

Using hashtags makes it easy for viewers to find your photos when they are seeking for certain terms.

What hashtags should you use in this case? Instagram users, like those on Twitter and other social media sites, prefer some hashtags over others. 

Using popular Instagram hashtags improves your chances of being discovered and reaching out to new people.

  1. Post at the appropriate times

To boost your Instagram following, consider the timing of your posts in addition to using the finest filters and hashtags.

A concentrated plan includes an analysis of what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past.

  1. Take followers from your competitors

Finding and interacting with the audiences of your closest competitors’ Instagram accounts is one of the most effective ways to buy Instagram followers cheap

By following your competitors, these people have already indicated an interest in what you have to offer.

So, how can you attract followers from your competitors? by conversing with them. You may connect with Instagram users in a variety of ways, and the more work you put in, the more followers you’ll get and the more regular interactions you’ll have.

  1. Fees for sponsored articles and product reviews

While all of your optimized Instagram posting is excellent, influencer marketing may help you reach a wider audience and expand your Instagram following.

So, how do you go about accomplishing this? To begin with, unlike the previous strategies for getting Instagram followers, this one is not always free. However, if done correctly, it may be beneficial.

Before you can begin, you must first establish a list of notable accounts in your sector. For example, if you sell cosmetics, check for notable profiles from cosmetics bloggers.

  1. Use geotags to increase local discovery

Aside from hashtags, you may boost the exposure of your Instagram posts and Stories by using a location tag. 

This location tag might represent the city you’re in or the location where the image or video was taken.

When you utilize the location sticker in your Stories, you may contribute to hashtags made by a location in addition to its own Instagram feed.